CBS Airs Long Story on Illegal Crossing in Arizona, Biden Unmentioned

March 27th, 2024 4:54 PM

In the second half hour of CBS Mornings on Wednesday, they aired a long segment on the massive influx of illegal immigration, but there was no mention of Biden causing it. The president was only mentioned at the end, as immigration reporter Camilo Montoya-Galvez claimed “The last immigration law passed by Congress was in 1990.”

That’s strange. The left-leaning Migration Policy Institute has a timeline of major immigration laws and lists ten laws passed since 1990.

Nancy Chen began the report by noting federal judges “decided to continue a block on the controversial SB 4 border law in Texas,” but “Texas has actually seen a big drop in attempted crossings. Instead, one of the busiest sections for illegal arrivals now is a remote area of Southwest Arizona.”

That’s where CBS sent its young reporter, who noted there’s a new record in migrant deaths (none of them Biden’s fault). The death count went from 300 in Fiscal Year 2019 to 895 in Fiscal Year 2022.

CAMILO MONTOYA-GALVEZ: In its latest public count, Border Patrol documented a record 895 migrant deaths in one year, including 142 in this sector alone.

This makeshift encampment behind me can be a lifeline for migrants crossing this treacherous terrain here along the Arizona border. You can see migrants behind me getting food, water, and basic necessities here before being transferred over to Border Patrol agents. In just five months, the Tucson sector recorded over 300,000 migrant apprehensions, more than any other section of the border.

BENJAMIN SALCIDO: Here's the border fence here. This is the Sasabe Port of Entry.

MONTOYA-GALVEZ: Border Patrol agents like Benjamin Salcido  largely act as first responders.

SALCIDO: We're not in the business of losing lives. Any life that we can spare, whether it be a fellow agent or a migrant in distress. To save a life, that's part of the job.

TV reporters love this "migrants crossing treacherous terrain" spin, putting the empathy with the poor illegal immigrants just looking for a better life, and the border enforcers are supposed to be "first responders" instead. Notice the lack of Biden when the CBS reporter asked what's driving the border crisis? 

MONTOYA-GALVEZ: What is driving this unprecedented flow of people to the US?

JASON OWENS (US Border Patrol chief): Everything that comes across our border illicitly is under the control and dictation of the cartels and the smugglers.

MONTOYA-GALVEZ: In an exclusive interview, Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens said his agency is on track to record two million migrant apprehensions for the third consecutive fiscal year.

In the interview, Owens wouldn't commit to the notion that Republican Gov. Greg Abbott's energetic enforcement efforts are driving down crossings and "migrant apprehensions" in Texas: 

MONTOYA-GALVEZ: We have seen a sharp increase in migrant crossings in Arizona and California, and the numbers in Texas have remained low compared to last year.

Governor Abbott has credited his policies, the razor wire, the arrests, the busing of migrants to cities for that geographic shift, if you will. Is that accurate?

OWENS: Hard to say. Could it have had some impact? Sure. Is it the one panacea that`s corrected the problem? I don't think that's a fair statement.

Now here's the weird part: when you turn to the Owens interview as featured on, Owens sounds much tougher on illegal immigration! he calls it a "national security threat" and talks tough about punishing illegal immigration. They wouldn't put that on the TV!