NewsBusters Podcast: Dems 'Quietly Pining' for Live Trump Coverage?

November 27th, 2023 11:12 PM

The New York Times reported Democrats are "quietly pining" for live coverage of Trump rallies...because they think voters have gone soft on their loathing of Trump, so they need more Trump in their face! They want Trump "plastered all over the news." It's like a rerun of 2015-16. Did they learn nothing? 

We also discuss how Jorge Bonilla picked up on Brent Baker's tweet on Meet The Press moderator Kristen Welker trying to intimidate Rep. Mike Turner about Speaker Mike Johnson releasing all 40,000 hours of January 6 footage from the House. She asked "Do you think it was responsible to release all of the footage from January 6th?" Aren't journalists supposed to be in favor of a full public record?  

Turner referred to the Pelosi-Picked Panel on 1-6 and said "we are currently only depending upon really partisan descriptions and now the American people can see." Welker shot back "some of your Republican colleagues have cherry picked some of the images to, frankly, further some conspiracy theories. Are you comfortable with that?" But just in the nature of making a newscast or a news article, the media ALWAYS "cherry pick" events. So did the 1-6 Committee. This is all about maintaining narrative control and against freedom of information.

Rich Noyes was watching the news shows while most people were on vacation, and noticed the networks avoided the D-word -- "Democrat" -- in reporting on someone lodging a sexual assault complaint from 1993 against New York Mayor Eric Adams. The national media have a long tradition of ignoring the D when a prominent Democrat is being pounded by scandal, whether it's fair or unfair.

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