CBS '60 Minutes' Hit Piece Claims DeSantis Is the Criminal, Not the Illegal Immigrants

October 16th, 2023 12:39 PM

Two years ago, CBS reporter Sharyn Alfonsi unloaded a 60 Minutes hit piece on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his COVID-vaccine rollout. She said it sounded like....The Hunger Games. Alfonsi went to a DeSantis press conference and fought with him, and then edited out his rebuttal in their hit piece. On Sunday, CBS and Alfonsi uncorked another one. 

Remember DeSantis flying migrants to Martha's Vineyard? CBS promoted a Democrat sheriff in Texas who says DeSantis committed a crime. 

ALFONSI: Tonight, you will hear about the investigation into those flights and why one sheriff says it was more than just a cruel political stunt, he says it was a crime. 

In the early hours of September 14th, 2022, 50 migrants lined up on the tarmac of a military airfield in San Antonio, Texas and boarded two private jets. The flight manifest shows each plane carried 25 migrants. Six others who'd helped arrange the flights were also on board. Hours later, the migrants landed here, more than 2 thousand miles away, on the Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard. 

That's right: illegal immigration isn't a crime...transporting illegal immigrants to blue states is somehow a crime. This wasn't a "news story." It was a x-minute negative ad to help Biden.

First, she turned to local lefties, like tavern owners Larkin and Jackie Stallings. Jackie speaks Spanish, so she claimed all the migrants were touting what work they could do. Alfonsi wouldn't tell viewers Jackie Stallings tweeted that DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott should be in prison! 

Alfonsi suggested DeSantis wanted to "own the libs," and the libs said they were never owned.: 

ALFONSI: I think there was this idea that by dropping these migrants off in Martha's Vineyard, they were gonna stick it to rich, white people, liberal elitists.

LARKIN STALLINGS: No. That's hilarious because he missed it by two weeks. He did. They were all gone. 

ALFONSI: Who was left?

LARKIN STALLINGS: And what's left is working class folks, the teachers and the doctors and the tavern owners. What he did is he got a bunch of hardworkin' folks to come together and solve a problem. 

Then came Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, who claimed it was wrong for the Florida governor to fly illegal immigrants from Texas to Massachusetts, since they were no longer "undocumented." They had been processed. 

ALFONSI: Salazar, a Democrat, spent 23 years with the San Antonio Police Department before he was elected sheriff in 2016. He asked his organized crimes unit to investigate. After eight months they uncovered what Sheriff Salazar calls a "covert criminal operation'' carried out by individuals who were contracted by the Florida governor's office. 

Alfonsi's fourth expert was leftist attorney Rachel Self, who lives on the island of Chappaquiddick (add no context, this is CBS). Like a good leftist, Self blamed Congress for failing to pass amnesty for waves of illegal immigrants: "it creates this vacuum for labor abuses to thrive, housing abuses to thrive, human trafficking to thrive." On Twitter, it's obvious Self is also wishing the worst for that criminal DeSantis: 

CBS noted Self enlisted Sheriff Salazar in her campaign against DeSantis, so you can CBS lined up all these GOP-haters together.

PS: Don't miss the ending, where somehow DeSantis becomes the invaders at the Alamo and Sheriff Salazar is the U.S. Army: 

SALAZAR: Oh, my gosh. "Give me your tired, your hungry," right? He's-- he's certainly saying all the right things to make himself sound like a Boy Scout in this situation. But, again, you're a school-yard bully who took advantage of people that you thought were people of no consequence. And now, you're getting called on your crap.

ALFONSI: No one in the Florida governor's office has been charged with any crimes related to the flights. They declined to speak to 60 Minutes about the operation. In June, Sheriff Salazar recommended felony and misdemeanor criminal charges against two suspects he would not name but described as the female recruiters involved in the operation. The sheriff's recommendation is under review by the Bexar County district attorney.

SALAZAR: So you can't see it from here, but about eight blocks over my left shoulder is the Alamo, where word is that there was a line drawn in the sand with a sword. And somebody said, "Not one more damn inch." Me presenting this case to the district attorney's office was me saying just that. Not one more damn inch.