Column: Mark Levin's Intellectual Cannonade at the Democrats

September 20th, 2023 6:00 AM

Another massive best-seller for Mark Levin has just been published, but the title is the most provocative of his oeuvre: The Democrat Party Hates America. Our Democrat media elites have always aggressively ignored every Mark Levin best-seller, but this title is going to infuriate them more than any other.

Once again, the book can be expected to top The New York Times best-seller list – it’s going to sell so well, it will be hard to cheat with the math – and it will be ignored by The New York Times Book Review. Conservative intellectuals should be ignored, apparently, so that conservatives can be cartooned like the buffoonish character Stephen Colbert used to play on Comedy Central.

Levin’s thesis is stark: the Democrat Party is now a monopoly party that seeks total control of the government, what Barack Obama called a “fundamental transformation.” They operate a vast administrative state that “issues edicts, dictates, regulations, rules, fines and penalties that serve the ideological purposes of the Democrat Party, whether the Democrat Party is in power or not.”

When Republicans do gain some power, as we just witnessed under President Trump, that administrative state “seeks to sabotage Republican Party initiatives and policies...through leaks, red tape, and internal countermands, thereby nullifying the decision of the electorate in a particular election cycle.”

This is why the media are currently panicking over blueprints for 2025 being organized at the Heritage Foundation. The Associated Press warned it’s “a mission to dismantle the federal government.” Attempting to create an executive branch that executes the president’s will is a dangerous thing when Republicans are elected.

This underlines the role of the media as an arm of this state-run apparatus, employing anonymous leaks from within the government to undermine the credibility and authority of Republicans. Under Trump, anonymous sources constantly warned the public of a president coming unglued. Under Biden, anonymous sources have kept it up. NBC ran a Biden aide claiming “In 2020, Donald Trump’s calling card was standing on a rally stage screaming, ‘Where’s Hunter?’ like a drunk fraternity girl.”

Trump is a “drunk fraternity girl”? Such is the pathetic quality of analysis from their selected anonymous source.

Levin’s thesis is a dramatic counterpoint from the usual state-run TV blather that the Republicans are the badly disguised authoritarians. On September 14, the PBS NewsHour enthusiastically promoted a new book from two radical Harvard professors entitled Tyranny of the Minority. That segment actually underlined Levin’s point. They argued the Constitution is actually ruining democracy, and the filibuster is ruining democracy, because they’re preventing leftist Nirvana, from climate crackdowns to gun control. They have the arrogance to assume Democrats are perennially the popular “majority,” and anyone daring to oppose them must be a tyrannical minority.

The PBS-favored Harvard men lamented that red states are ruining democracy with their “restrictions,” like voter ID requirements. Levin’s book underlines that the Democrats have sought to federalize the entire election process, further “eroding and eliminating basic security protocols that states have in place.” An election only has “integrity” if Democrats win. Democracy only flowers when Democrats win. It’s why Chris Plante uncorked the slogan “The Democratic Party isn’t....”

No one expects a “news” sector that acts as an ideological enforcement mechanism to whisper a word about a book that’s this perilously honest about its intimidating operations. Levin has never seemed to care about what they say or don’t say about him. What he cares about is America as it was founded, a beacon of liberty and a bulwark against tyranny. That’s why Democrats can’t stand him or his books.