FOUL AIR: NPR Talk Show Boosts Author Who Wants to 'Eliminate' Dissent on Fossil Fuels

July 13th, 2023 9:14 AM

When you're a journalist writing books panicking people on the climate and demanding a government-ordered end to fossil fuels, you can count on taxpayer-funded public broadcasting to help you push your radical agenda. Jeff Goodell scored a PBS interview on Monday for his book The Heat Will Kill You First: Life and Death on a Scorched Earth, and on Wednesday he was awarded 36 minutes of unchallenged publicity on the NPR talk show Fresh Air with Terry Gross.

Fill-in host Tonya Mosley asked Goodell to read the frantic first paragraphs of his horror-movie tome: 

MOSLEY: I think the best way for us to get into this topic might be for you to read the first opening lines of your book. Can I have you read it?

GOODELL: Sure, I'd be happy to.

(Reading) When the heat comes, it's invisible. It doesn't bend tree branches or blow hair across your face to let you know it's arrived. The ground doesn't shake. It just surrounds you and works on you in ways that you can't anticipate or control.

You sweat. Your heart races. You're thirsty. Your vision blurs. The sun feels like the barrel of a gun pointed at you. Plants look like they're crying. Birds vanish from the sky and take refuge in deep shade. Cars are untouchable. Colors fade. The air smells burned. You can imagine fire even before you see it.

MOSLEY: What a descriptive way to illustrate how the heat impacts us.

They discussed how Goodell hates the term "global warming," because it sounds like better beach weather. Goodell ghoulishly recounted the story of a family and their dog who all died of heat exhaustion on a hike -- global warming! 

Later, he displayed his radicalism and hatred of dissent. Anyone opposing these eco-socialists is a stooge of the fossil-fuel industry, whose political power must be "eliminated." 

We need to reduce the -- eliminate the sort of political power that has accumulated over a century, you know, of the fossil fuel industry. We need to -- you know, we need to end this notion that, you know, modern life depends on fossil fuels. It does not. We know that. 

PBS and NPR operate on this principle: they eliminate any dissent from the leftist point of view. The only political power that pulses on these channels is leftist. NPR didn't give any time to Marc Morano for his 2021 book Green Fraud. That would be fair and balanced, which they hate.

And everyone should just love electric cars! Goodell proclaimed "I'm not a huge fan of Elon Musk for many reasons. But look at electric cars. It's amazing, right? And anyone who's ever driven an electric car knows they're way better. They're way more fun. They don't break. They're just, like, fantastic, you know?" NPR wouldn't turn to, say, the Heritage Foundation for an alternative viewpoint. They don't believe in them. 

The web page for this show came with an ad for Raymond James.