Liberals Cheer As John Oliver Calls Ted Cruz a 'F--king Knob' on Critical Race Theory

February 21st, 2022 11:39 AM

Snarky British leftist comedian John Oliver is back on HBO with his supposedly whip-smart show Last Week Tonight. Marlow Stern of the Daily Beast celebrated the return under the headline "John Oliver Returns to Expertly Debunk the Right-Wing Panic Over ‘Critical Race Theory’." Naturally, this "expert debunking" included high-school-Harry mockery of conservatives like Ted Cruz

Once again mocking that time Ted Cruz read Green Eggs & Ham on the Senate floor -- this was apparently Cruz Poem #5 -- Oliver uncorked a nasty Dr. Seuss-style verse after a soundbite of a Cruz speech:  “Let me tell you right now: critical race theory is bigoted, it is a lie, and it is every bit as racist as the Klansman in white sheets.”


“I do not like that Ted Cruz man
I do not like him shouting ’klan’
I do not like him in a room
I do not like him in Cancun
I do not like him playing ball
I do not like his face at all
I wish he’d lose his cushy job
That man Ted Cruz is a f--king knob”

When Oliver actually turned to a non-Seuss argument, it was a lame re-warming of soggy left-wing talking points. Oliver said it isn’t “remotely true” that pushing the notion that America is still systemically racist is not teaching kids to hate America. He turned to CRT theorist Kimberle Crenshaw claiming that CRT is “more patriotic” than CRT opponents are, and then Oliver added: “CRT is graduate-level legal theory, so unless your 5-year-old is currently pursuing a law degree, they’re not reading Kimberlé Crenshaw.”

He also turned to the common quote from CRT opponent Christopher Rufo: “The goal is to have the public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think ‘critical race theory.’”

Oliver pounced: "And the thing is—it f--king worked. Because whenever you hear CRT now, you are not hearing about the academic discipline; you’re hearing about a category so broad it encompasses both ‘the craziest thing in the newspaper’ and also, crucially, any conversation about race that someone does not want to have.”

It's so cliched to always cast the anti-CRT vote as "against uncomfortable conversations." This pretty funny coming from liberal "news" organizations that routinely exclude a conservative point of view, because apparently all conservative views can be dismissed as "misinformation."

But Oliver concluded: “For all the laws being passed to prevent discomfort or anguish on account of an individual’s race, whose discomfort, exactly, are we prioritizing here? Because kids of color can tell you, they don’t get a choice to not talk about race and have it go away.”

It's always fascinating for woke millionaire leftists like Oliver to lecture that too-comfortable white kids in Tennessee need to be taught about their "white privilege"....before he returns home to his snazzy $9.5 million 39th floor Manhattan penthouse with "panoramic views of the city skyline," for which he and his wife "used a tax loophole created by Donald Trump himself back in the 1970s.”