NEW NewsBusters Podcast: You Can't Turn 1/6 Into 9/11, But They'll Try Anyway

January 7th, 2022 10:31 PM

As the liberal media devoted many hours to commemorating the 1/6 riot, it was considered horrible to "minimize" it, but it's apparently never objectionable to exaggerate it beyond belief -- an event where five died doesn't match the terrorist murder of 3,000 on 9/11.

The anniversary was an occasion for Democrat-loving networks to ask softball questions. NBC anchor Lester Holt asked Speaker Pelosi about what might have happened to her in the mob, and how she prays for her opponents. CNN's Anderson Cooper asked two Democrats about unnamed podcasts who apparently cheer on a new American civil war. 

Speaking of softballs -- everywhere Rep. Jamie Raskin went to sell his book conflating the 1/6 riot with his son's suicide touted the book and congratulated Raskin for his efforts to save our allegedly endangered democracy.

What makes the 1/6 coverage so inauthentic is that the liberal media does not object to all rioting. They object to Trump backers rioting. When leftists riot for "racial justice," they are fine with it, and dress it up in terms like "rebellion" or a "racial reckoning." If the media were actually interested in building "shared facts" then they might share the fact that all rioting is horrible.  

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