Which Tweeter Is More Ridiculous? Dan Rather or Keith OIbermann?

December 30th, 2021 3:19 PM

It seems to be a contest this week for which disgraced "news" man can sound more ridiculous on Twitter -- Dan Rather or Keith Olbermann? 

Rather uncorked this "please punch me in my glass jaw" tweet on Thursday: 

Twitchy wrote Rather "stepped on a projection rake." He (or his Twitter guru) seems to do that on purpose. Jim Treacher tweeted over that with the obvious "Get Dubya 2004" theme: "You ruined your career over fake memos because you wanted to sway an election."

Gunga Dan is just the gift the keeps on giving, sounding clueless all the way: 

Keith Olbermann is an unmarried man who has always been too stuck on himself to settle down. But he feels he can righteously mock Mitt Romney's five sons and 24 grandchildren at Christmas time: 

As someone whose family-reunion photos with my Mom and Dad would show six children and 19 grandchildren, I find this personally offensive.

Dan McLaughlin tweeted over that: "Raising a good family is the best thing a man can do. What a sad, cramped view of the world it is to react with churlishness towards that."

Olbermann then mocked critics for not getting his excellent *humor*!

Mitt Romney, you see, deserved to be mocked because he attacked Trump AND Olbermann for hyperbolic rants: