Michael Moore Warns: 'Do Not Underestimate The Evil Genius That Is Donald J. Trump!'

July 25th, 2020 9:39 PM

Just like in 2016, socialist filmmaker Michael Moore is playing the killjoy, warning the Left not to be overconfident about an anti-Trump landslide. On MSNBC's The Reidout, they were laughing about Trump's cognitive test. Former Trump co-author Tony Schwartz suggested the last two weeks make Trump look like toast. "Trump is the architect of his own demise at this point."

Moore disagreed: 

MICHAEL MOORE: I want to caution everyone, do not underestimate the evil genius that is Donald J. Trump. There are many examples throughout history, whether it's Henry V facing the French on Saint Crispin's Day, they outnumbered him 4 to 1 and he was supposed to lose and he didn't. And or jump ahead to the 1995 NBA playoffs [sic,1994], the Knicks are ahead with 15 seconds left, way ahead of the Indiana Pacers, and Reggie Miller scores eight points in nine seconds. With 15 seconds left. And that was -- everybody --

JOY REID:  You cut me deep, but you had to go there, didn't you? You had to go there.

MOORE: I know it's tough for New Yorkers....That's my point, though. All the Knicks fans sat there, so overconfident -- you know, licking their chops, "yeah, we got this one in the bag!"

Reid then recalled this trio all met for the first time on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher in 2016, when Moore predicted Trump would win. She played a clip of Moore then, saying "It's going to be the Brexit strategy, the middle of England is Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania." Reid conceded "you were right I was wrong...you named specific states." Moore said "I wanted to be wrong!" 

But she cited new polls in those states with Biden comfortably ahead, and asked if Trump will win again.

Moore said "No, he should lose. I'm just saying we've been fooled by polls before....Listen, Trump has got a number of tricks up his sleeve to suppress the vote, to try to postpone the election, blaming the coronavirus, to any of the number of things where he will try to weasel his way out of this."

Moore expressed his confidence in Biden. "And our side, and -- Joe Biden, I think, you know, honestly, if I were advising him, I would tell him just to start running the country right now, just act as if you are the president. That means nobody can assume the election is over. Everybody's got to show up the vote and bring ten people with them."

He oozed that Biden should swagger around like the President-in-Waiting from his basement. "The basement is fine. Nobody should ridicule the basement. We want him safe, he's doing the smart thing and have the morning meeting with America. Tell us what we're going to do today to save this country. And then, at night sit by the fireside and do what he does best. When you see that emotional, caring part of him -- in the just the few times I've met him, that's the real deal. You're seeing the real deal there. I think it would be inspiring."

This ranty Reidout was brought to you by Lincoln.

[Hat tip: Ian at Real Clear Politics]