Don't Laugh! Dan Rather Decries Folks Who Say 'Don't Bother Me With Facts'

November 14th, 2019 8:05 AM

Both CNN and MSNBC rushed to put disgraced CBS News anchorman Dan Rather on the air Wednesday night, which underlines just how much their coverage of the impeachment inquiry is based on partisanship. What matters about journalism is your "heart was in the right place." Rather's liberal heart was on display as he sought to underline that "history" was going to be tough on Trump and his Republican defenders.

Rather actually told CNN's Don Lemon -- no laugh track provided -- that there are people out there who take the attitude "don't bother me with facts, I have my mind made up." The complete lack of introspection about his own "fake news" manufacturing about George W. Bush in 2004 is, sadly, typical. 



DAN RATHER: I agree, there are people who take the attitude, don't bother me with facts, I have my mind made up. It's just as important to be open-minded, now I mean that all across the political spectrum. It is a time for rank and file people, number one, to pay attention. I find there are a fair number of people that say, look, I don't want to hear about this, I'm tired of hearing about Trump, and I have my mind made up.

Listen, you know, there is some excitement about this process. There is a certain energy about it. There is drama, but fundamentally it's sad, Not only is it serious, it's sad. It's sad our country has reached this point where we're so divided among ourselves, so riven. We have a president who on the record already proven puts his own self-interest, his political and commercial interests ahead of the interests of the country and that leaves us in, you know, roiling in unchartered waters. So, I for one try not to get caught up in the excitement of trying to remember fundamentally that we're in a period of history that people will be writing about 2-or-300 years from now.

Don Lemon actually lost the competition of who would bathe Rather in the most effusive praise. Earlier in the evening, MSNBC host Ari Melber promoted Rather's appearances three times before he appeared as "legendary" or as a "legend". He didn't go Full Stelter and put "Legendary Journalist" on the TV screen. 

Melber introduced him by lauding his "extensive experience" as a journalist. "He of course covered Watergate and the Clinton impeachment for CBS News, part of a storied career." He simply asked Rather what "jumped out" about the hearings.



RATHER: What jumped out to me today is the effort by the Republicans to sort of say, listen, everybody knows all this. They seek to have people become numb to what we already know. That's what jumped out to me today, because we already know that the evidence we're talking about now, the solicitation of a foreign power to get involved in our election, the evidence is strong. The president's behavior and what he said is outrageous, the complicity of the Republicans is depressing, and it's a serious moment for the country. We know that. What the Republicans sought to do today and others likely judge whether they were successful or not was trying to convince people, you know what, this is no big deal, and if you're saying to yourself you already know this, yeah, that's the case.

Rather lectured "history is watching and listening and is going to be a very tough chronicler of these events and the people involved in the events of today." Liberals always preach "history" is very liberal and going to be very tough on people who aren't on the "right side" of it.