REMINDER: New ‘View’ Conservative Should Prepare for SICK Defenses of Liberal Men

September 18th, 2021 12:15 PM

The notoriously hard-left The View is currently holding tryouts to replace token conservative Meghan McCain, who departed the show this summer after numerous clashes with liberals like Joy Behar. Whoever this new woman is, she should prepare herself for the disgusting levels that the View co-hosts will go to defend (liberal) men accused of sexual crimes. 

It was 19 years ago this week, that Behar objected to a gentle joke by then-co-host Barbara Walters about Bill Clinton. Walters didn't take it well. On September 13, 2002, this exchange occurred: 



Joy Behar: I want to ask the audience: Clap if you would have your daughter be an in intern for Bill Clinton.
Barbara Walters: I think that’s so unfair. That’s so unfair.
Behar: Why?
Walters: Because the man is a good President! He does need people to work in that office and come on, I mean, let it go already!

What’s more shocking? That Behar actually mocked Clinton, who at this point had been impeached over a relationship with an intern, had been credibly accused of rape and sexual abuse, or how irritated Walters became over one little joke? 

The liberal View women have a history of defending liberals and Democrats accused of sex crimes. In February of 2012, Walters lashed out at Mimi Alford, a woman who wrote a book how apparent sexual predator John F. Kennedy coerced the then-19-year-old to have sex with him. 

Behar, several years later, admitted she’d vote for a rapist as long as they are liberal. On January 5, 2016, then-co-host Paula Faris reminded, “Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey. They say that he [Clinton] either exposed himself to them, raped them or groped them.” Behar conceded, “He is a dog. Let’s face it.” She later declared, “But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor.” 

Behar brought up Ted Kennedy and explained why him abandoning a woman to drown shouldn’t matter: 

Chappaquiddick.  I mean, a girl drowns and he abandons her and she drowned and women still voted for Teddy Kennedy. Why? Because he voted for women's rights. That's why. That's the bottom line of it in my opinion. I mean, I don't like either one of them, to tell you the truth, Teddy or Bill. They're both dogs as far as I'm concerned. But I still will vote for Bill Clinton because he votes in my favor.

In 2009, co-host Whoopi Goldberg defended Roman Polanski, who pled guilty to sex with a 13-year-old, saying it wasn’t “rape-rape.” 

Whoever takes McCain’s place as token conservative co-host, prepare yourself for this sort of vile defense of liberal men. 

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