Vile John Oliver Smears DeSantis ‘Vibe’ That 'Screams Will Flirt With Your Teenage Friends’

May 10th, 2021 3:40 PM

Vile HBO late night hack John Oliver sunk to a new low on Sunday, smearing Florida’s Ron DeSantis with a very specific accusation: The Governor has a “vibe that screams ‘will flirt with your teenage friends.’” So, according to HBO and Last Week Tonight, DeSantis is a threat to teens? 

For almost a year, the timid Oliver went easy on Andrew Cuomo’s awful handling of Covid, but that didn’t stop him from offering this gross attack on the Florida Republican: 



Now, meanwhile, the week saw the latest attempts to undermine the democratic process, with Texas and Florida continuing the trend of Republicans enacting new voting restrictions. Florida's Governor, Ron DeSantis —  a man with a vibe that screams "will flirt with your teenage friends" — signed a bill, live on Fox & Friends, for some reason, that targets ballot drop boxes and voting by mail. 

DeSantis likes to flirt with teens? So he's a predator? What’s the proof of this? Are there any facts behind it? No. Just that the Governor apparently shares the same state with the scandal-plagued Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL). After his verbal drive-by, Oliver simply move on to other topics. 

How would Oliver and his family like it if ugly, totally evidence-free allegations were thrown his way? The kook conspiracy theory seems to have come from MSNBC leftist Joy Reid. On April 14, she suggested that DeSantis could be caught in the alleged sex scandal engulfing Gaetz: “If you’re Ron DeSantis, does this feel like it’s creeping closer to you? Because these are your friends. These are your allies.” 

Citing Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg, Reid hoped that he will have “to give up somebody bigger than him,” meaning DeSantis. 

If Joy Reid is your source for news and facts, you’re doing it wrong. But then, Oliver has always been a Democratic hack than a host. 

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