D.L. Hughley Trashes Trump as 'Most Unexceptional Man in History'

October 1st, 2019 3:22 PM

The panel on The D.L. Hughley Show Monday weighed in on the impeachment push and the whistle-blower scandal that triggered it, making sure to trash Donald Trump and his supporters throughout their discussion. Throughout the rancor-filled opening segment, host D.L. Hughley referred to Trump as “the most unexceptional man in history” and trashed Congressman Devin Nunes as an “ignorant a**-kisser.”

Before the discussion on the whistle-blower scandal began, Hughley took a jab at another one of the left’s favorite punching bags, the Catholic Church. When co-host Jasmine Sanders announced that “we’ll be talking about a change in the Catholic Church,” Hughley quipped, “Where they don’t allow their children to be molested?”

The conversation quickly switched gears as the panel began showering the whistle-blower with praise while accusing President Trump of putting “a bounty on his head.” Parroting a talking point used by the evening newscasts, Hughley expressed concern that President Trump was putting the whistle-blower’s life in danger; asking the President “Why do you want to meet them? So one of your deranged fans can do bodily harm?”



After weighing in on the whistle-blower scandal, the panel praised Trump-hating actor Robert De Niro for his profanity-filled appearance on Sunday’s edition of Reliable Sources. Hughley commended De Niro as a “legend” and seemed irked at CNN host Brian Stelter for daring to suggest that De Niro should not swear because it was “Sunday morning.”

Hughley held up President Trump as “everything I ever thought Republicans were” while panelist Jay Phillips described President Trump as “the prime example of extreme white privilege,” claiming “he is able to get away with everything that he’s done because he’s an incredibly rich white dude.” Hughley described Trump as “the most unexceptional man in history,” taking a shot his supporters in the process by declaring “there’s nothing special about him except he makes rednecks feel good.”

Believe it or not, using the term “redneck” as a slur for Trump supporters is actually mild for Hughley. After all, he once trashed the 63 million Americans who supported the President as “morally vacant” and worse than devil-worshippers.

As the segment came to a close, Sanders suggested that those who dare to defend President Trump should be punished: “Everyone who lied for him, everyone who stood up for him… in the midst of all this…should all be held accountable.” 


A transcript of the relevant portion of Monday’s edition of The D.L. Hughley Show is below. Click “expand” to read more.

The D.L. Hughley Show


11:01 PM


D.L. HUGHLEY: Thank you, Jasmine. What are we gonna be talking about today?

JASMINE SANDERS: So, today, we’ll be talking about a change in the Catholic Church.

HUGHLEY: All right. Where they don’t allow their children to be molested?

SANDERS: No, that ain’t it. That ain’t it.


HUGHLEY: I mean, that would, that would be…


HUGHLEY: That would be a change.

SANDERS: I wish that were it but that’s not it.

HUGHLEY: That would be a change.

SANDERS: Also, we’ll see if you can pass a citizenship test.

HUGHLEY: Why would I take that?

SANDERS: I don’t know. I don’t know why I would take it but we’ll find out.


SANDERS: Plus, musician Rodney Jerkins will join us on the couch a little later.

HUGHLEY: Darkchild.

SANDERS: Darkchild, yeah.

HUGHLEY: Darkchild.

SANDERS: Yeah. Yeah.

HUGHLEY: Jas-man?

SANDERS: What, man?

HUGHLEY: Tell these good people what’s trending.

SANDERS: Okay so people are talking about this whole Donald Trump situation with this whistle-blower. Of course, now, he’s demanding to meet the mistle…the whistle-blower face to face and he’s very upset about all of the things that are coming out. The whistle-blower has agreed to testify before Congress and so now, there is a…a bounty on his head, so they’re saying. So, his…his attorneys are basically saying we are a little nervous about, you know, the situation and Robert DeNiro who normally does not do a lot of press actually…

HUGHLEY: Well, let’s, let’s…okay, so the whistle-blower’s name.


HUGHLEY: Donald Trump wants to meet the whistle-blower, which is…


HUGHLEY: …exactly why the federal statute that allows for whistle-blowing is in place because very powerful men, Donald Trump also basically threatened him…


HUGHLEY: …or her.


HUGHLEY: Or whoever she is. And said (inaudible), which is tantamount to a threat. Why do you want to meet them? So one of your deranged fans could do bodily harm?

KIA RENE: Right.

HUGHLEY: It’s amazing to me. Donald Trump wants to meet his accuser, the whistle-blower, but he doesn’t want to meet the 22 women who accused him of sexual assault so…


HUGHLEY: …he wants to meet the whistle-blower but not the ones who may…who he made blow his whistle.


HUGHLEY: That’s…

SANDERS: And you know what he’s using to say that he needs…he should meet them? He says, listen, that is my right…


SANDERS: That I have the right to meet my accuser, like most people but in my head, I’m thinking, okay, well why didn’t you want to meet the…the women?


SANDERS: Same thing.

PHILLIPS: It’s not the same thing. I definitely wanted to meet somebody and if you blow the whistles, I need to see you.

HUGHLEY: What he’s trying to do is appeal to the lowest common…

SANDERS: Of course.

HUGHLEY: These…these statutes exist because very powerful men in very powerful places often fire people and…and intimidate people like he’s trying to do right now. They basically called this person a political hack. They basically said he was disingenuous…

SANDERS: Treason.

HUGHLEY: …it’s treasonous so and ordinarily, we argue all the time you shouldn’t be able to accuse somebody out of…and eventually you will meet; probably in indictment…

PHILLIPS: In court.

HUGHLEY: Like in an indictment; in court.


HUGHLEY: But, but you can’t…we…we’ve seen how petty is. How many people has he fired because he didn’t like them? Or tried to have fired? He’s talking about treason.

SANDERS: All of them.

HUGHLEY: Tina. Treason, when you’re disloyal to you is not being disloyal to the country. You…you, out of all of the things that Donald Trump has said, you know what the most telling thing is? He never said, I didn’t do it.

DJ LUCCI: Right.

ROGER RITTENHOUSE: No, he admitted it.

HUGHLEY: He never said I didn’t say those things.

RITTENHOUSE: No, he admitted it.

HUGHLEY: That’s right.

SANDERS: No, he says he did it. He says there’s nothing wrong with it.

HUGHLEY: That’s right. But there is something wrong with it and that’s why 55 percent of Americans now can’t deny…the only reason. There’s two things when I watch all of his operatives do. They try to mischaracterize it. He said, “I need you to do me a favor, though.”


HUGHLEY: There’s…nobody…and stop saying, it’s second-hand info…information. If the complaint that the whistle-blower lobbied matches the transcript.


HUGHLEY: So, tell me what he’s lying about and where he’s wrong.

SANDERS: And you know what? They got one of the people that are…will be testifying before Congress was on the call. Okay? So, we’ll find out exactly…


SANDERS: …firsthand, although we already know.

HUGHLEY: And he said he’s never had so many leaks because people are watching you consort with Russians and…and…and Chinese…


HUGHLEY: …and, and watching a…a, a journalist get killed in Saudi Arabia. They’re watching it and you know what they’ve…whistle blowers are patriots.


PHILLIPS: At some point, you have got to be like, yo, this…this dude’s a little bit…


PHILLIPS: …too much for me.

HUGHLEY: It ain’t like they Tekashi69 making stuff up.


SANDERS: Well, Robert DeNiro is one of those people who’s saying that he’s a little bit too much for him and you can take a look at what he had to say about this.


ROBERT DE NIRO: This guy is…should not be President, period.

BRIAN STELTER: And when you say that, folks on Fox come after you. I remember at the Tonys, when you got up there and cursed…

DE NIRO: F*** them.

STELTER: A lot of criticism of you…

DE NIRO: F*** them.

STELTER: Okay, well, you know…


SANDERS: Yeah, f-bombs; left and right.

HUGHLEY: He’s a…he’s a legend.

LUCCI: Legend.


HUGHLEY: He’s a hall of famer. He’s one of the greatest ever…he talks, he dates black women. You know he got to know how to cuss.


PHILLIPS: Oh yeah, he got it in him.

SANDERS: And he does. You can tell that he does. He’s sick of him.


STELTER: This is cable.

DE NIRO: Sorry.

STELTER: So, it’s not an FCC violation.

DE NIRO: Sorry.

STELTER: But it is still a Sunday morning.

DE NIRO: Well, we’re…

STELTER: I do wonder why…

DE NIRO: …we’re at a point…

STELTER: …you choose to go that way.

DE NIRO: Let me say something. We are…

STELTER: Why do you choose to go that way?

DE NIRO: We are at a moment in our lives…in this country, where this guy is like a gangster. He’s come along and he’s said things, done things, we say over and over again, this is terrible. We’re in a terrible situation. We’re in a terrible situation. And this guy just keeps going on and on and on without being stopped.


STELTER: And…and…and who was the dude…the bald dude, he was on CNN?

LUCCI: It’s Sunday!

HUGHLEY: Yeah, hey man. Look at, if he wants to show up, come on your show, D.L. Hughley Show do better than this on TV One. You…I’m on this show, be quiet.

SANDERS: But you can tell by the look on his face; he’s like I don’t care anything about this. I’m just telling you how I feel.

HUGHLEY: Let me tell you how I feel.


HUGHLEY: I don’t care nothing about this. You talking to me? I’m talking to you.

SANDERS: I’m talking straight to you.


HUGHLEY: He’s a horr…Donald Trump is everything I ever thought Republicans were.

PHILLIPS: He is the prime example of extreme white privilege to me. I mean, he is able to get away with everything that he’s done because he’s an incredibly rich white dude that…

HUGHLEY: He’s not even incredibly rich…

PHILLIPS: Not even true but perception is he’s the…


PHILLIPS: He’s that.

HUGHLEY: He makes…you know, I don’t mind white privilege if you’re exceptional. Like Tom Brady should have white privilege. He’s the…it’s the…you know who’s messing up white privilege? Un…unexceptional white men.

SANDERS: Like Trump.

HUGHLEY: Yeah, you…you…you…he’ll go to war…going to war for the most unexceptional man in history. Like, he literally is the most unex…there is nothing special about him except he makes rednecks feel good. We’re gonna go to war, we’re going to tear this country apart for you.


HUGHLEY: For you, you ain’t gonna get a stamp, a street, a library. Nothing.

PHILLIPS: They scared to wear your hat in public. What makes you think they’re gonna fight?

SANDERS: But what’s crazy is these people who have been career politicians, people who have been respected…whether you agree with their policies or not, you see them now on TV blatantly lying…


SANDERS: …for this guy, who doesn’t read and brags about it, who can’t spell and brags about that too, who has no humanity whatsoever and you’re willing to give up everything…

HUGHLEY: It’s true.

SANDERS: …that you’ve worked for.

HUGHLEY: And they have and it’s so…it’s so sad to see people that you once respected …here’s the thing I find interesting, the whistle-blowers are braver than career politicians and career military men who…who just retired…resigned and refused to say anything.

SANDERS: Anything. Right.

HUGHLEY: They just resigned and refused to say anything. This is, it’s…we’re in a situation right now…situation we’re in right now. When…when people talk about Donald Trump being impeached, which is so inaccurate. Bill Clinton got impeached in his second term, Nixon got impeached in his second term. Johnson…well, that…that was what this was but he got impeached in his…because he’s… he’s gonna get impeached and Geoff Brown is gonna pay me my money. They already have…


HUGHLEY: He’s going to get impeached.


HUGHLEY: And you know what else is going to happen? He’s going to be a political albatross to them. He’s going to be a political albatross to them and you’re gonna try to run a dude that got impeached, who the Senate…if they don’t impeach, it’s going…it’s going to have to run a guy at the top of the ticket who is damaged goods.


HUGHLEY: Because…because what’s not gonna happen is these trials aren’t gonna make him look better.


SANDERS: And I think everyone who lied for him, everyone who stood up for him…


SANDERS: …in the midst of all this, I think should all be held accountable.

HUGHLEY: And Devin, Devin…

SANDERS: Every one of them.

HUGHLEY: Devin Nunes, I’m glad you live in Fresno with Chili’s. I’m glad you…I am…even his line of questioning, so “you, you, you, you.” You ignorant ass-kisser.


SANDERS: That hurts.

HUGHLEY: You fat…


HUGHLEY: …(inaudible) ass-kisser.

SANDERS: Well, there…

LUCCI: Let him know how you feel, dad.

SANDERS: …you go. So, remember to join the conversation.


SANDERS: #DLHughleyShow.

HUGHLEY: You shiny-faced, fat-assed dummy.