CNN’s John King Yells into Camera: 'The President Thinks You’re Stupid!'

October 23rd, 2018 8:43 PM

In an amazing display of media hubris, CNN's Inside Politics host John King used Tuesday’s show to vent his frustration with President Trump and his supporters by screeching directly into the camera: “The President thinks you’re stupid!”

Of course, King hasn’t said anything about charges that CNN has intentionally misled its viewers on a variety of topics, ranging from denying that the network generates “fake news” to asserting the channel doesn’t have “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Instead, he referred to an interview conducted that morning on CNN’s fellow liberal channel, MSNBC.



“I don't know whether this makes you laugh, cry or whatever,” King stated, “but this is Anthony Scaramucci” who said that “reporters keep calling out the President on misstatements, they call him out on lies.”

“[H]e's saying: it worked in 2016, get over it.

During the clip, Scaramucci, who was promoting his new book Trump: the Blue-Collar President, was asked whether his former boss could be run out of office for lying.

The conservative guest responded:

When you guys are upset about it and you're listing all the lies and you're trying to explain that you can't get a tax cut done in 10 days, people are almost --- almost happy about the fact that he is a wrecking ball inside of Washington and smashing into the establishment. If you want to beat the President, it -- exposing his lies or explaining them to people, that's probably not going to beat the President. There's symbolism here. You can call out the lying, but it's like literally Teflon in a frying pan.

King then stated that Scaramucci’s comment was “stunning,” adding: “He does not dispute the President’s lying. He actually says on several occasions the President's lying.”

The liberal host then looked into the camera and tried to speak directly to viewers by shouting: “The President thinks you're stupid! The President thinks people are stupid!”

At that point, panelist and Time correspondent Molly Ball asserted that “the President thinks people don't care.”

Ball then trotted out a number of wild assumptions based on the concept that deep down, everyone agrees with her political philosophy: “I would venture that the majority of the electorate in 2016 did not think that then-private citizen Donald Trump was a mostly truthful person and many of them voted for him anyway.”

“[A]nother thing that he did in 2016 also was promise the moon and the stars without regard for whether it was actually doable,” Ball noted.

“Promise one thing to these people and the opposite thing to these people and then everybody believes that he's on their side because he literally promised contradictory and impossible things,” the panelist asserted.

“And he's never had a problem with that,”she added. “And he has always bet, probably correctly, that the American people are so cynical about politics and politicians that they just believe that everybody lies and all that matters is how it makes you feel.”

King responded: “Or, as he likes to put it, he's President and you're not.”

As NewsBusters previously reported, this isn’t the first time King has slammed Trump and his supporters.

Back in March, the CNN anchor mocked the President over a series of spelling errors in two tweets before stating that “the President of the United States needs supervision.”

Then in July, the CNN host accused Trump backers of having a blatant double standard on lying politicians.

“The President's supporters often say there's Trump Derangement Syndrome, they call it, among his critics and the media,” King claimed. “Well, that's an example of Trump Can Do No Wrong Syndrome among his supporters.”

Apparently, the CNN host and his fellow liberals take comfort in proposing unfounded theories about the President and his fellow Republicans. We’ll see how that holds up after the midterm elections next month.