Twitter Reveals Some Funny Charlie Rose Jokes

November 24th, 2017 7:17 AM

On Tuesday night, CBS late-night host Stephen Colbert addressed the serious accusations of sexual harassment against morning news host Charlie Rose. Mediaite reported he called it an "abuse of power, and noted Rose gave unwanted shoulder rubs, something his employees referred to as “the crusty paw.” He quipped “And you may make three wishes upon the accursed paw, all of which are… to not get a back rub from Charlie Rose.” 

While the networks will quickly move on, people can still get their Charlie Rose humor fix simply by checking out Twitter, where the jokes abound. 

Before we get to those Twitter joke highlights let us take a look at the following video featuring some of his awkward sex talk with his co-hosts whom we are supposed to believe were completely ignorant of his proclivities over the years on CBS This Morning:

After that warmup from Charlie Rose and his co-hosts, we are now ready for the Twitter jokes:


And on a similar note, we have this Tweet:



And finally we have this joke incorporating Charlie Rose and Thanksgiving:


Although Colbert came up short after the news first broke on Monday, he was chock full of Charlie Rose material in 2011 when it was revealed that Rose skinny-dipped in Lake Como with Marisa Tomei and George Clooney:



Okay, now it's your turn, folks. Before you hit the shopping malls (or the shopping sites), let us see your comedy chops by posting below your own Charlie Rose jokes. Extra points if Anthony Weiner is also included in your material. Oh, and try to keep it reasonably clean for the faint of heart.