Dilbert Creator: CNN Turns into Comedy Network Due to Hillary Avoidance

November 3rd, 2016 1:06 PM

Should CNN change its name to the Comedy News Network? That seems to be the suggestion of Dilbert cartoon strip creator Scott Adams in his Thursday blog

The reason why Adams now finds it so hilarious to watch CNN is the lengths they go to in order to avoid mentioning Hillary Clinton's name or her troubles. This is in stark contrast to Fox News according to Adams. The differences between the networks in their election coverage is so stark, Adams claims it is like watching two separate realities:

Last night I was comparing campaign coverage on CNN and FOX News. It was like seeing two different realities.

On FOX, the big news is that the FBI is not only investigating the Weiner laptop emails, but separately the FBI has a major investigation about the Clinton Foundation. I watched Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani – who knows a thing or two about prosecutions – explain the money-laundering-bribery crimes the Clinton Foundation has allegedly committed. In other words, if you only watch FOX News, you might believe Clinton is the head of a crime organization that just got caught, and therefore she has no chance of winning the presidency.

Now switch to CNN.

CNN is temporarily a comedy network because it is hilarious to watch them avoid mentioning Clinton while pretending to cover a race that allegedly involves two candidates. They talked about process. They talked about Republican voter suppression. They talked about Trump. But they don’t say much about about Clinton. On CNN, what matters most is putting the messengers on trial. CNN pundits accuse the Russians of stealing DNC emails to influence the election. They accuse the Director of the FBI of announcing stuff he shouldn’t announce. On CNN, Clinton has a solid lead in the electoral college and she is likely to be our next president.

And on CNN they have brushed aside the unwelcome news about the FBI belief that at least five foreign intelligence agencies hacked Hillary's private server. The closest they came to covering this was when they carried part of Donald Trump's speech in Jacksonville, FL today and he highlighted this. However, CNN has yet to mention it. Will they? It depends on whether they wish to continue existing in the Clinton comedy reality that Scott Adams described.