Glenn Beck Reads Threat of OWS Violence Posted by Notorious Web Laughingstock

May 30th, 2013 9:00 PM

On his Wednesday radio show, Glenn Beck read a threat of Occupy Wall Street violence that appeared on the Web. Although no author was mentioned, it was written by DU fraudster William Rivers Pitt  who has a history of involuntarily turning himself into a Web laughingstock on numerous occasions.

Remember the Karl Rove indictment hoax back in May 2006? Pitt was one of the perpetrators of that non-event. Since David Shuster of MSNBC at that time practically assured that Rove would be indicted, Pitt and his cohorts decided to deliver a "scoop" that Rove had already been indicted on May 12, 2006. When that indictment failed to materialize, Pitt changed his story a bit and declared the indictment would take place within "24 business hours."  A month later when Karl Rove was still walking free, Pitt still refused to admit there would be no indictment but did issue what could best be described as a voluminous partial birth non-apology which in addition to providing reams of unintentional humor must also be of interest to mental health professionals fascinated by the vast amount of whining self-pity.

The DUmmie FUnnies has been following Pitt's foibles for over 8 years and we are honored to introduce Glenn Beck and his listeners to the inadvertent comedy gold provided by this offspring of a "One-Percenter" family of wealthy lawyers. But first the Pitt violent OWS threat that Beck read on the air which originally appeared in TruthOut:

Occupy was only the beginning, but may very well have been the last manifestation of peaceful resistance against the ever-widening chasm of inequality and desolation. The noose is tightening around the necks of average people, and more become radicalized with each passing day. The wealthy would do well to take note of this, and voluntarily move to square the savage imbalance that drives billions around the world into furious despair. It does not have to be this way, and if it continues in this way, eventually the dam is going to break. When that happens, woe be unto those who believe their wealth keeps them safe and cozy. On that day, the rock will not hide them, and the dead tree will give no shelter.

Beck made an astute observation about the Left using religious terminology such as "woe be unto those" when it served their purposes. In fact Pitt, who never previously showed much of an inclination towards religion, suddenly presented himself as a devout "Kennedy Catholic" when Ted Kennedy passed away to the extent of reciting prayers in Latin online before quickly regressing to his usual profane but funny self.

This latest Pitt threat comes as no real surprise given his expressed dislike for this country. Pitt even surmised that we are now living in the era of the Third American Empire (as in Third Reich, get it?)  which he claimed began at the 1980 Winter Olympics when the American fans yelled "USA! USA! USA!" after the hockey victory over the Soviet Union. I kid you not. In fact you can read all about this laughable "hockey puck" geopolitical theory here.

So let me take this opportunity to welcome Glenn Beck and his listeners to the entertaining  world of one William Rivers Pitt who has been providing the DUmmie FUnnies comedy gold against his intentions. I could write volumes cataloging the backfiring exploits he has hilariously performed, such as the time he donned a Midnight Cowboy outfit to join Cindy Sheehan in a Texas ditch and ended up getting painfully attacked by vicious fire ants, but allow me to merely provide you with this online search list that chronicle many of his comedy nuggets through the years. Oh, and please don't worry about this clown actually carrying out his violent threats. Although Pitt once threatened to physically attack a homeless woman, in person he is about as menacing as a professional cream puff taster.

And, Glenn, since Pitt has a reputation for quickly disavowing what he has previously written, don't be surprised if he soon recants his piece you read on the air. In fact, my DUmmie FUnnies "co-conspirator," Charles Henrickson, wrote a parody song about this called "Self-Recanted Evening" to the tune of Some Enchanted Evening from "South Pacific":

Self-recanted evening,
When you see the flip-flops,
You may see where Pitt stops
Across the DUmmieland.
And somehow you know,
You know even then,
That sometime you'll see him
Recant once again.

Self-aggrandized weaving,
Bloviating windbag,
Going where the wind blows,
Not knowing where to stand.
He'll write to the left--
That's left to go right--
Will's so busy dancing,
He can't sleep at night.

Who can explain Pitt?
Who can tell you why?
Will gives two versions,
Neither one can fly.

Some fantastic FReeping!
Someone may be laughing,
You may hear the laughing
Among the DUFU fans.
And night after night,
When we go to bed,
That sound is our laughter--
Will Pitt's in our thread!

Once we have DUFUed
Will Pitt's swing and miss,
Then he'll discover
He can't recant this!