YouTube? More Like LibTube

November 2nd, 2011 10:58 AM

You Tube is launching a series of nearly 100 new channels. The set of new channels is laden with liberal voices and controversial material, and is practically devoid of conservative and Christian voices.

Liberal-leaning channels include offerings from sources such as Slate, The Chopra Well (with Deepak Chopra, a New Age guru and Huffington Post contributor), and Take Part TV (makers of Al Gore's 2006 global warming scare documentary ''An Inconvenient Truth'').

The most rabidly liberal of the channels is Town Square, hosted by the George Soros-backed Young Turks, featuring Cenk Uygur.

Uygur, a former MSNBC host, is notorious for making the bizarre claim - on air - that unborn children would support the right to abortion. He also urged Democrats to be more ''vicious'' in attacking Republicans. Uygur was kicked off MSNBC for his inability to effectively package MSNBC's brand of liberalism.

The one channel that could be remotely classified as having conservative leanings was the Wall Street Journal's new lifestyle channel. No other channel had anything even resembling conservative content. But that is easily balanced out by the openly liberal channel run by Slate.

Other new YouTube channels on the list are filled with raunchy and violent content. These channels include (but are not limited to) DanceOn, featuring controversial pop star Madonna or Modern Mom (featuring former Playboy model Brooke Burke. There's also a pop culture channel from producers of ''Jersey Shore.''

Unsurprisingly, no Christian content sullied the list of new YouTube channels. The Chopra Well's brand of religious observance was the only form of religion to grace the list of new channels.

YouTube and YouTube's owner Google have a history of promoting liberal causes and censoring Christian viewpoints. A 2009 CMI special report, BlueTube, described how YouTube was flooded with sexually explicit material, much of which was accessible to children under eighteen years of age.

At least Google and YouTube are consistent in their support of liberal causes, and their double standard in censoring sexually explicit content and religious content.