Romney: ‘I’m Not a Fan of the President’

May 18th, 2013 11:53 AM

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was Jay Leno’s guest on the Tonight Show Friday, and he didn’t have kind things to say about the current White House resident or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

At one point in their discussion, Romney said, "I'm not a fan of the president - in case you didn't know that."

MITT ROMNEY: I think if Hillary Clinton is the nominee of the Democratic Party, there will be a careful inspection of her record as a Secretary of State, and that may or may not include mistakes made in one area or another. But I think the broader brush will be has this administration advanced the cause of America’s interests globally and freedom in human rights around the world. And if you look at North Korea, and Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, the major parts of Latin America, North Africa, things have not gotten better for our interests or for the cause of human rights. And that I think is going to be a much bigger question. And probably is the president's largest legacy of concern or failure is what's happened around the world in these last five years.

JAY LENO, HOST: Tell me one thing you think Obama’s done well. Or you say, “Yeah I agree, I would have done the same thing.”

ROMNEY: Well, you know, following the tragedy in Boston with the bombing there, he came and spoke. I thought he spoke eloquently, and well. I also think he cares about education, and hope he's able to make further progress in the world of education. But I'm not a fan of the president - in case you didn't know that.

LENO: I know.

ROMNEY: But look, I believe he cares for the country and wants to make America a better place for the American people. But I think he's not being successful as he would have hoped to have been, and I wish he were more focused on doing what's necessary to keep America strong and to grow our economy and to get people back to work. There are a lot of people hurting.