Bourdain's CNN Sunday Primetime: Three S-Words, a Bleeped F-Bomb and Oral Sex Jokes

May 5th, 2013 10:50 PM

CNN primetime host Anthony Bourdain continued his string of vulgar offerings Sunday.

His Parts Unknown - airing at 9PM on the east coast and 6PM out west - featured three uncensored S-words, a bleeped F-bomb, and oral sex jokes (video follows with transcribed lowlights and commentary):

It only took six minutes for the first audible vulgarity to appear.

As Bourdain entered an ice fishing hut in Quebec, Canada, he said, "Holy s--t."

About four minutes later, one of the restaurant owners he spent much of the program with said, "He dresses his f--king kids, too." The obscenity was edited, but it was quite clear what the man said.

A bit later while eating at a fancy restaurant in Quebec, Bourdain said, "No, that s--t doesn't happen here."

As the program moved towards its conclusion, Bourdain was in another restaurant eating a dessert dish off of a stick. The owner instructed him to suck it and not swallow it.

After doing what he was told, Bourdain asked, "Can I do that in a manly way?"

"You just don't look down at it," he answered himself. "You just sort of look away in a distracted way. It's like, 'I'm not really, 'I'm not really sucking it.'"

"The best way is to look up," the restaurant owner joked. This made Bourdain and all of his guests laugh.

Moments later, the restaurant owner said, "I've done too much all those, all those s--t."

One of the other restaurant owners sitting at the table joked, "Because food is feces and waiting."

All those at the table laughed leading Bourdain to look into the camera and say, "This is CNN."

Sadly, he was right.