Lindsay Lohan Challenges David Gregory On Public's Right To Know About Petraeus Affair

November 21st, 2012 12:22 PM

NBC's David Gregory on Tuesday appeared to make the case that the public really didn't need to know about former CIA Director David Petraeus's affair with biographer Paula Broadwell.

Appearing with him on NBC's Tonight Show was Lindsay Lohan who surprisingly challenged the Meet the Press host on this point (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID GREGORY: I was surprised. I mean, he’s, look, he’s an amazing military leader. That’s not going to change. This was a terrible mistake. You know, it's one of these situations where do we really want to know all of this?


GREGORY: And I think a lot of people are, yeah, right, you said…


GREGORY: we really want to know these things?

LOHAN: Yes, please.

GREGORY: You do? Okay.

LOHAN: I'd like to know.

It's interesting how when a sex scandal rocks a Democratic White House, the press get squeamish about reporting it.

Remember that Newsweek initially refused to publish former President Bill Clinton's sexual escapades with Monica Lewinsky.

By contrast, Republican scandals get an astonishing amount of attention.

In 2006, the media turned an unknown Florida Congressman's electronic messages to male pages into the poster child of the so-called "Republican Culture of Corruption."

As such, it makes you wonder if Gregory would be asking if we needed to know about the Petraeus affair if the former CIA director had been serving a Republican president.