Bob Beckel: 'If I Was Juan Williams I'd Wake Up Next To' Michelle Malkin 'With a Shotgun'

July 3rd, 2012 3:02 PM

What is it about liberal media members making misogynistic comments towards conservative women?

Take for example Bob Beckel, the co-host of Fox News's The Five, who told FBN's Don Imus a few weeks ago, "If I was Juan [Williams] I'd wake up next to [Michelle Malkin] with a shotgun" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DON IMUS, HOST: So, the president with his national security thing, speaking of disingenuous idiotic comments. His defense of that was laughable.

BOB BECKEL, FOX NEWS: Why was it laughable?

IMUS: Well, because he didn't know where they came from. Didn't come did it come from the White House? Did it come from his administration? It's nonsense. I was born at night, but not last night.

BECKEL: I know, I've heard that line before. Listen, he's said from his White House, the idea that fat Peter King, wherever he's from, Long Island, would sit there and suggest he knows something.

IMUS: Well.

BECKEL: For me to call somebody fat is a big step. For this guy to suggest he knows the president of the United States and White House leaked this, he doesn't have a clue. If you say something like that, it's almost treasonous, the idea that Barack Obama would leak that is obscene and to suggest that Michelle Malkin, if I was Juan I'd wake up next to her with a shotgun.

IMUS: No, no, no, Bob, we don't need to be --

BECKEL: And there may have been some people in the White House who may have leaked some things, that's true, but Barack Obama doing that himself is just obscene to even suggest that.

IMUS: You'd pay money to wake up next to her. And referring to Peter King as fat, I wouldn't roll out the fat carpet although even you, even you -- come on.

BECKEL: You know why? I cut your joke off.

IMUS: Yes, you did.

BECKEL: Do you think I'm dumb. I've been listening to you since I was four years old and I'm going to be listening to you, until you're 119.

For some context, Malkin and Williams the previous evening got into a much-publicized heated exchange on Fox News's Hannity during which the latter made a condescending remark about not being "just a blogger."

This was aired the following day on FBN's Imus in the Morning just before Beckel came on. For some reason, he chose to misogynistically address it in his discussion with the host even though it wasn't the subject matter at hand.

Besides Beckel's "shotgun" comment, Imus's "You'd pay money to wake up next to her" was also rather insulting as it characterized Malkin as a prostitute.

For whatever reason, this story largely flew under the radar when it happened with the exception of a June 14 link at Johnny Dollar's Place.

It likely would have remained so until a tipster informed me that it was re-aired in the fourth hour of last Friday's Imus radio program by guest-host Mark Simone during a "Best Of" compilation of previous programs.

I confirmed with WABC 77 radio that Simone was in for Imus Friday and did do a "best of."

Honestly, how this disgrace could be a "best of" anything is beyond me.

It should be also noted that the version presented on radio Friday did not include Imus's "You'd pay money to wake up next to her" remark.

They must have felt it was important to protect the host from impropriety but not his Fox News guest.

Unfortunately, this whole episode is emblematic of the almost constant attacks conservative women suffer at the hands of liberal media members with total impunity.

NewsBusters has written extensively about such offenses on former Alaska governor Sarah Palin as well as Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd in October 2010 ridiculed numerous high-profile Republican women as "mean girls."

Malkin herself is a regular target of liberal talkers including Fox's Geraldo Rivera who in 2007 said he'd "spit on her" if he ever saw her.

This led Malkin to end her long-time affiliation with Fox's The O'Reilly Factor.

Of course, she is now back on Fox as a contributor making this matter even more troubling.

As Fox likes to take on liberal media members that misogynistically attack female conservatives, why does it tolerate it from its own employees like Beckel? If the network wanted to really take a stand against sexist anti-conservatism, it wouldn't allow it on any of its stations.

This seems especially relevant given Beckel's previous acts of misogyny.

In February 2010, Beckel referred to Andrew Breitbart's former associate Hannah Giles as a "ho." Just two months ago he told female Tea Party activist Jennifer Stefano, "You don't know what the f--k you're talking about."

And, like so many liberal media members, Beckel has repeatedly attacked Palin.

As for WABC radio replaying this last Friday, one has to seriously consider what those producers were thinking.

Special thanks to The Right Scoop for furnishing the video clip.