‘Meet the Press’ Demonstrates How Marvelous a Balanced Discussion Panel Can Be

June 3rd, 2007 2:58 PM

In April, NewsBusters commended HBO for actually having a balanced panel on “Real Time”: “Maher ought to try this format of having two liberals (including himself) and two conservatives more often, for a much more balanced discussion ensued than normal, making for one of the most interesting 'Real Times' of the season so far.”

For a change, Tim Russert employed the same strategy on Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” inviting on Democrat strategists James Carville and Bob Shrum, and Republican strategists Mary Matalin and Mike Murphy.

What ensued was an absolutely marvelous discussion largely centering on presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle without the normal vitriol and inflammatory rhetoric we observe when there are either only liberals on the panel or a sole conservative.

It was both informative, entertaining, and at times quite humorous, especially when Carville was challenged about his dating maxims prior to getting married.

With that in mind, for those that missed it, the full transcript is available here, and the video available here, both courtesy of MSN.com.

Honestly, folks, this is what Sunday panel discussions should be: two conservatives and two liberals debating the issues of the day rather than four liberals spewing anti-Republican propaganda without any refutation or balance.

Bravo, Tim. Let’s do this every Sunday, okay?