ABC Outs Juror No. 10 in Hunter Biden Trial, CBS/NBC Obscure Identity

June 12th, 2024 10:59 AM

Following the three felony convictions of Hunter Biden on Tuesday, ABC seemingly exposed the identity of one of the jurors against his will. The contrast was obvious, ABC broadcasted his face across the country while CBS News and NBC News both noted that he didn’t want his identity revealed and took precautions to protect him.

ABC senior national correspondent Terry Moran seemingly ambushed Juror 10 in a parking garage somewhere and shoved the camera in his face, wanted to know why and how they convicted President Biden’s “only survived son”:

MORAN:  First the jury was divided according to juror number ten.

JUROR 10: Believe it or not, it was a split vote.

MORAN: 6-6.

JUROR 10: 6-6.

MORAN: That was the first vote?

JUROR 10: That was the first vote.



“So, you didn't buy the notion that for those few days around the purchase of the gun, he wasn't abusing drugs?” Moran pressed Juror 10. “No, not at all,” the juror responded.

“But after sleeping on it, they decided there was enough evidence to prove that Hunter was abusing drugs in the critical timeframe, including from his own text messages; especially one sent the day after he bought the gun saying he was waiting for a dealer name Mookie,” Moran admitted.

Contrast Moran’s interaction with that of CBS’s Weijia Jiang, who apparently interviewed Juror 10 on a sidewalk. “We spoke to juror number 10. who asked not to be identified,” she said, the interview was conducted with the juror’s back to the camera.

Over on NBC, Capitol Hill Correspondent Ryan Nobles and more of a sit-down interview with Juror 10. “Juror number 10 telling NBC, Hunter's powerful family played no role in their decision-making process. He asked us to conceal his identity,” he said.

Nobles’ interview with him also had the camera pointed at the back of Juror 10’s head and took the added step of blurring his form.

It would be bizarre for Juror 10 to give ABC permission to show his face but deny it for the others. It seems as though ABC may not have disclosed that protecting his identity was an option.