NB Podcast: Media Predict Jim Crow 4.0 Following Major SCOTUS Rulings

June 30th, 2023 6:03 PM

Since the last NewsBusters Podcast, three major rulings have come down from the U.S. Supreme Court: affirmative action, free speech, and student loan forgiveness. Your managing editor Curtis Houck and I discuss how the liberal media shrieked in horror at the prospect of fair admissions processes, free speech for the religious, and President Biden getting his underhanded campaign ploy trounced.

On the topics of affirmative action and free speech in particular, you had MSNBC claim on consecutive days that segregation was going to return to America. This means we blew through Jim Crow 3.0 and we’re now up to Jim Crow 4.0!

We examine the absolute meltdown MSNBC and The View displayed in the wake of the Supreme Court rulings, with the latter leaning on the tired trope that Justice Clarence Thomas is a race traitor and claiming women won’t be allowed in college soon. And we look at the pity party put on by the Big Three broadcast networks.

And as a highlight, we have audio of Carrie Severino, the president of the Judicial Crisis Network, taking MSNBC to school on what the free speech ruling meant and how it was not going to lead to segregated restaurants.

We wish you all a fun and safe Fourth of July! Happy Birthday America!

Enjoy the podcast!