Cynthia McKinney: 'I Would Vote for Impeachment'

August 7th, 2006 7:31 PM
McKinney just can't keep her mout shut. After the horrific debacle that was her debate this past Saturday, today she was on the morning radio show, V-103. Both she and Hank Johnson were in the studio, and having only seen the clip below, I wonder if Hank Johnson ever got a word in edge-wise? V-103 is no friend to the President. Jim Angle had a brief piece about this on Special Report tonight. (MsUnderestimated has the video here.)
“This administration has failed across the board, and I have co-sponsored every…every piece of legislation that seeks to investigate it and I would vote – for – impeachment, and I might even write my own impeachment bill if I get enough support from the 4th Congressional District constituents asking me to do that.”