CNN’s Velshi: Sequestration Bill Was 'Signed by the White House'

February 23rd, 2013 5:07 PM

While some in the mainstream media harp on the purportedly horrendous effects of possible across-the-board spending cuts on March 1, there is also an effort to distance President Barack Obama from responsibility.  An example of this is on CNN, which has shown more than once today a report on the sequester by chief business correspondent Ali Velshi.  An excerpt:

VELSHI: The forced budget cuts were created during the 2011 debt ceiling debacle. They were passed by Congress and signed by the White House.

So “the White House” signs bills into law?  That’s funny.   On August 2, 2011, the day the Budget Control Act became law, Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer told his audience:

Happening now, President Obama signs a bill to raise the debt limit, avoiding an economic debt crisis for now.

At CNN, when an economic debt crisis is avoided, it’s the achievement of President Obama.  But when the network’s Chicken Littles see the sky beginning to fall, simply “the White House” may be partially responsible.