CNN's Burnett: Obama 'Makes an MVP-like Political Move That Leaves Republicans Flat Footed'

June 16th, 2012 2:42 PM

On Friday's edition of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront, the host was upfront in her enthusiasm for President Obama's immigration announcement, even including sound effects and grimacing when she spoke of "Republicans hissing like an angry cat cornered by the neighborhood dog." (video here):

ERIN BURNETT, CNN HOST: OUTFRONT next, the president makes an MVP-like political move that leaves Republicans flat footed. But is it the best policy for our country?

Mentioning two other stories, she resumed:

Let's go OUTFRONT.

OUTFRONT tonight. Backed into a corner. It's an awful noise, whenever you hear it. Love them or not, Republicans are the cats today. That's the sign of the Republicans hissing like an angry cat cornered by the neighborhood dog. Why? The president's order. Allowing immigrants under the age of 30 to stay in this country with two-year work visas. Those visas can be renewed unlimited times.

And later:

And the most pathetic part about the story today is that Republicans, the cats hissing in the corner, only have themselves to blame. They gave the president the upper hand.

After an Obama film clip:

BURNETT: All right, well, Republicans have kept the Democrat's version of the Dream Act on hold for a few years.

Contrary to Burnett's implication, Republicans were not alone in their opposition to the DREAM Act immigration bill.  In December of 2010, five Democratic senators joined Republicans in opposition.  Yet another Democratic senator opted to go to a holiday party rather than vote on the bill.

Good news for Obama and accomplices isn't easy to come by these days.  Spoilsports persist in examining his record on unemployment, deficits, foreclosures, the nation's credit rating, etc.  So when Erin can gush about "an MVP-like political move"by Obama, she will.  Then again, with her program contributing to CNN's ratings collapse, maybe she's just auditioning for a gig on ESPN.