CNN's Phillips Argues with Rep. West: 'Are You Saying Gay Marriage Is Not Important?'

April 6th, 2012 3:33 PM

On today's CNN Newsroom, anchor Kyra Phillips interviewed Rep. Allen West (R-FL) about several topics.  One was gay marriage (video here).  West said that it's a states' issue and he didn't want to be taken "down a rabbit hole to discuss things that really aren't that important.  This disturbed Phillips:

PHILLIPS: Wait, are you saying that gay marriage is not important?

WEST: I think if you poll the American people, Kyra, I don't think they'll bring up gay marriage as one of the top concerns." 

He went on to speak about a troubled small business he'd recently visited  and how the economy was affecting it.  The anchor wasn't satisfied:

PHILLIPS: I think no doubt people are concerned about jobs and the economy, but gay marriage is a big issue. You were military. Don't ask, don't tell ...

West returned to his theme of economic security.  Phillips was still not satisfied, becoming increasingly aggravated and pushed back once again, speaking of millions of gay Americans and states that have legalized gay marriage: "I'm just laying out the facts here." 
West's assertion that most Americans are more interested in other issues appears to be supported by a survey commissioned just last month by Phillips's own CNN.  The CNN/ORC Poll asked which issue is the most important facing the country today. "Policies toward gays, lesbians" was one of the selections, which were presented in random order.  The economy, the federal budget deficit, health care, Afghanistan and illegal immigration topped the results.  Only two percent of respondents thought policies toward gays and lesbians were the most important issue.

Yet over at CNN, Kyra Phillips insists it's right up there with major concerns of Americans.  She energetically works on advancing a liberal agenda.  Can Current TV be in her future?