Here Are the Most Outrageously Liberal Quotes in Scripted Primetime Television: Part I

December 31st, 2016 12:10 PM

This past week, the MRC’s Rich Noyes charted some of the most outrageous liberal media quotes in 2016. They served as yet another example of how the masks came off of countless journalists this election year, revealing their liberal biases. However, it’s not just the case with the news media but also scripted shows airing in primetime on ABC, CBS, and NBC. 

Here are five of the most ridiculous instances of Hollywood screenwriters inserting their political views into the plot line, shoving it down the throats of viewers. 

1. Quantico (ABC) – ‘Make American Great Again’ Is Akin to Terrorism

Back in May, the hit ABC drama Quantico featured a character named Jordan to argue that the slogan “Make American Great Again” is used by terrorists to instill fear:

Jordan: I don't know. Maybe Afghanistan broke you. Maybe you realized what a worthless war it was when you got back and you got to talking to one of those cell members one day and realized you were fighting on the wrong side. I –

Ryan: Let me tell you something. If you ever say something like that to me again, you're gonna have a whole new set of problems. I love this country.

Jordan: Isn't that what they said when they attacked it? ‘Make America Great Again?’

2. American Gothic (CBS) – Republicans Encourage ‘Voter Suppression’ 

During the summer, the now-cancelled CBS show American Gothic wined about supposed voter suppression by the Republican Party. In one scene, two characters named Alison and Naomi are yapping it up about another character who’s rather manipulative. The producers actually approved this piece of dialogue: 

Naomi: Yeah, but the story needs to be your eloquent heartfelt eulogy, not whatever that loose-cannon lumberjack dreams up.

Alison: But we can't stop him from getting up there if he's hell-bent on it.

Naomi: We could borrow from the Republicans' voter suppression tactics and require IDs at the door. There's no way Garrett has a current license.

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3. Scandal (ABC) – Trump Supporters Are Angry ‘White Men’ and ‘Filthy Country People’

One of the most obvious examples of media elites using their entertainment venues to push propaganda on the viewer is the hit ABC program Scandal, created by far-left television producer Shonda Rhimes. 

In May, an episode featured a Donald Trump-like character named Hollis Doyle, who had this interaction with protagonist Olivia Pope (played by Hillary Clinton-supporter Kerry Washington): 

Olivia: Personal beliefs aside, your speeches, your rhetoric -- 

Doyle: Is for a specific market. And when I get to the general, all them mouth-breathing morons who couldn't read a newspaper column if their lives depended on it, well, they'll think I only just started telling people what they wanted to hear, and they got the real me six months ago. To tell you the truth, my most pressing concern is there ain't enough Purell in the world to make me want to keep shaking their filthy, inbred hands. I mean -- ugh! -- Country people. Am I right? So, we got a deal? 

Olivia: We got a deal.

4. The Night Shift (NBC) – ‘Don’t Go All Trump on Me’ with Racism

ABC isn’t the only network that took cheap shots at people who voted for the man responsible for the biggest political upset in history. NBC also used the opportunity through their medical drama The Night Shift to lecture these Trump supporters:

Paul: Yo, man, not cool calling me out in front of everyone about my car. 

Kenny: Calling you out? Look, I was getting my ass chewed out for being late because I got pulled over. And you're all, like, "Well, technically, you were speeding.”

Paul: I made an observation, all right? 

Kenny: Yeah, I made one, too, man. You living in a bubble.

Paul:  Hey, man. I-I lived in Philly for eight years. I'm not blind. I just don't think everybody's out trying to get me because of my color.

Kenny:  Hey, I don't think everybody's out trying to get me, either. Okay? So don't go all Trump on me. But going to Ivy League Penn, staying in that condo daddy got you, ain't "Living in Philly," bro.

5. American Housewife (ABC) — Son Is a ‘Capitalist Pig’

On this sitcom, the conservative son is lectured to by his mother Katie Otto (played by Katy Mixon), who proceeded to call him a “capitalist pig”:

Greg: Hair for teeth. No-brainer. Smoothies for every meal. Hey, what are you doing down here? I thought you needed a nap. 

Katie: I do. But I don't want to miss the fun parts. And, Oliver, I don't want you to miss the fun parts, either. I think it's time we let the stock market club go. You need to be a kid. I promise you can be a capitalist pig when you grow up. 

Oliver: Thanks, Mom.