MSNBCer's Solution To Gun Violence: 'Never Again Elect a Republican'

May 4th, 2023 9:13 PM

David Jolly MSNBC Deadline White House 5-1-23 Give MSNBC some credit: at least they make no bones about their utterly partisan, pro-Democrat agenda.

During Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC show Deadline: White House on Monday, commenting on the recent mass shooting in Texas, former Republican congressman turned MSNSBC analyst David Jolly made the most naked partisan pitch possible:

"I would say the political answer to gun violence in America is, never again elect a Republican."

Jolly's vote-Democrat pitch was in line with the comment from Fred Guttenberg. Speaking earlier in the segment, Guttenberg, whose daughter was murdered in the Parkland school mass shooting, said:

"I'll just say this. Greg Abbott and all the others like him. We--if voting didn't matter to you before, if you didn't think you had the perfect candidate, he just showed you today why you need to vote for the person who wants to reduce gun violence—no matter what."



Translation: no matter how flawed the candidate, vote Democrat!

Naturally, neither Wallace nor any of her guests mentioned that the shooting suspect was an illegal immigrant.

When it comes to crime, Jolly and his Democrat friends focus almost entirely on guns--rather than on the people who commit crimes. A significant portion of serious crimes in America were committed by illegal immigrants; the suspect in the mass Texas shooting among them. 

As Sharyl Attkisson pointed out at The Hill, the Government Accountability Office [GAO] found that in the period 2011-16, criminal aliens in the US accounted for 4.9 million arrests for 7.5 million offenses.

"The arrests include allegations of more than 1 million drug crimes, a half-million assaults, 133,800 sex offenses and 24,200 kidnappings. Even more serious, the imprisoned illegal immigrants, over a five-year period, had been arrested for 33,300  homicide-related offenses and 1,500 terrorism-related crimes," she wrote.

If MSNBC were actually interested in reducing serious crime in America, it would be clamoring for candidates who will fight illegal immigration. Instead, the liberal media prefers to focus on "gun violence," and use it in an attempt to elect Democrats.

On Nicolle Wallace's MSNBC show, MSNBC analyst David Jolly saying the answer to gun violence is to "never again elect a Republican" was sponsored in part by HughesNet and Men's WearHouse.

Here's the transcript:

MSNBC's Deadline: White House
4:07 pm EDT


FRED GUTTENBERG: I'll just say this. Greg Abbott,  and all the others like him, we -- if voting didn't matter to you before. If you didn't think you had the perfect candidate. He just showed you today why you need to vote for the person who wants to reduce gun violence, no matter what.


DAVID JOLLY: I think, look, I break this down in three different ways, Nicolle: politically, legislatively, and culturally.

And I think, politcally, what you heard from that sheriff was to call out the bad faith of today's Republicans.

I would say, the political answer to gun violence in Amerca is, never again elect a Republican. It's that simple. They're bad faith actors.