Mike Barnicle Frets Over Damage to 'Revered' Presidency and Senate

September 26th, 2018 9:49 AM

Question for Mike Barnicle: do the names "Bill Clinton" and "Ted Kennedy" ring a bell?

We ask because they make a mockery of his professed concern about "damage" to the "revered" institutions of the presidency and the Senate. On today's Morning Joe, Barnicle said:

"[T]he institution of the presidency, and the United States Senate, that everyone so revered not that long ago, is now so badly damaged that one question that might be asked is how long will it take to repair the damage that is being done on a daily basis to both institutions?"

Seriously? "Everyone so revered" the presidency during the era of Bill Clinton, he who had an intern service him in the White House while on the phone with members of Congress? And when Ted Kennedy is hailed as a "lion of the Senate," he who left a woman to drown, just how "revered" should that institution be? Or how much should we laud what the voters choose to elect and re-elect?

So please, Barnicle, spare us your pieties about those institutions. The damage was done by Clinton, Kennedy — and others we could chronicle — long before the current era.

And by the way, someone should also ask about this inventor of Fake News: "How long will it take to repair the damage Mike Barnicle did to journalism?"