Matthews Still Thinks Blockbuster Around, Intros Woman as 'Haley Barbour'

November 10th, 2015 8:18 PM

You'd think that back in April when, as Ken Shepherd noted, Chris Matthews talked about Blockbuster being about all that's left in Rust Belt towns, one of his assistants would have gently taken him aside and explained that Blockbuster shuttered its stores some time ago. But on this evening's Hardball, there was Chris committing the exact same gaffe. 

And in the very next segment, Matthews introduced MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson, who is youthful and female, as . .  "Haley Barbour," who for all his great qualities is neither. But, hey, look at the bright side. The guest in the next segment was Republican lawyer Ben Ginsberg. At least Matthews didn't introduce him as . . . Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me go to Robert Costa, one of the best reporters out there. Robert, it seems to me that Trump has, it's almost like the old phrase about the monkey that typed Merry Christmas by accident. He got into this economic nationalism argument, talking about illegal immigration, then he got into the issue of trade and being tough with China. I agree completely with Steve. In the Rust Belt, in places like Michigan cities, you go into a lot of those cities, all that's left if there is one is a Blockbuster and maybe a diner, maybe a diner, or an I-Hop. That's it. There's no more industry left, just rust.  

. . . 

MATTHEWS: I'm joined right now by MSNBC's Haley Barbour, Haley Barbour out in Milwaukee. Hallie, thank you so much for -- Hallie Jackson, not Haley Barbour. 

HALLIE JACKSON: It doesn't matter, Chris: no big deal.


MATTHEWS: Hallie, thank you so much, it's live TV. You're the new kid on the block.