Illegal Immigrant MSNBC Guest Jabs Jeb For Opposing Sanctuary Cities

August 8th, 2015 9:45 AM

If a woman announced on live national TV that she had shoplifted an iPhone, there'd presumably be a cop at the studio door to greet her.  So why is it that someone can blithely announce on national TV that she's in the country illegally, and far from fearing any repercussions, have her views on the American presidential election respectfully solicited?

It happened this morning, when MSNBC invited Erika Andiola, who described herself as "an undocumented Mexican woman," onto the Up show to give her take on the GOP candidates' comments on immigration during Thursday's debate. Andiola was disappointed in general that the candidates didn't stand up to Donald Trump's remarks on immigration. In particular, she jabbed Jeb Bush for continuing to express opposition to sanctuary cities. That doesn't "make the cut" as far as Andiola's concerned, adding that Bush needs "to push back stronger." Good point, Ms. Andiola. I mean, without sanctuary cities, where is poor Francisco Sanchez supposed to hang out?

Jonathan Capehart guest-hosted for Steve Kornacki, and of course never made a peep about Andiola's illegal presence in the US.

JONATHAN CAPEHART: Joining the panel to discuss how the Republicans tackled immigration on debate night, activist Erika Andiola. Thanks for being here. Let me start with your general thoughts on how the Republican candidates have been handling the issue of immigration. 

ERIKA ANDIOLA: Good morning, Jonathan. Thank you for having me. It's nice to see you. I came into -- I was watching the debate and I wasn't really expecting to be offended by Donald Trump. You know, I'm an undocumented Mexican woman, so I couldn't expect anything else from him. But I think for me watching the debate and see how the other candidates would react to his comments. Unfortunately right now he's the one driving the entire rhetoric for the Republican party when it comes down to immigration. So, it's been very offensive towards Mexicans, towards immigrants. And I was hoping that Bush or Rubio would really stand up to that. I think they definitely defended their views on immigration. Bush said he would still think that undocumented folks come here for an opportunity. But he went on to say that he wanted sanctuary cities to be, you know, to get rid of sanctuary cities. For me, it just doesn't make the cut. He needed to really push back stronger on him.