Schultz: I Never Saw A Dem With A Bush = Hitler Sign

September 3rd, 2009 6:53 PM

Where has Ed Schultz been for the last eight years?  Obviously not out with his progressive peeps.  Otherwise he could not possibly have said what he did on his MSNBC show this evening:

"I never saw anywhere in the news a Democrat carry a picture to any kind of a rally with a picture of Adolph Hitler putting them close to a characterization of President Bush.  Never saw that!"

Oh, really?

Schultz made his strange claim while fulminating to Tom Tancredo about statements about Pres. Obama made by Sen. James Inhofe and other Republicans.  Schultz might want to check out Zomblog, which documents, chapter, verse and photograph, the many instances of the Bush = Hilter signage at rallies such as the one shown here.  Now it's true we can't prove who these folks voted for.  But I have a sneaky suspicion they didn't put the lever for McCain/Palin.

For that matter, does Schultz even watch his own network?  Keith Olbermann accused the Bush administration of "fascism."