Gore Loses CNN Sighing Oscar to O.J.

November 15th, 2007 5:06 PM

In recent times, Al Gore has been in the winner's circle. From the Oscar to the Nobel to NBC's adoring Green Week, Al has known nothing but triumph.

Imagine his chagrin, then, to learn that in one important category he has lost out to none other than . . . O.J. Simpson.

The inimitable Jeanne Moos of CNN did a segment at 3:45 PM ET today focusing on the variety of vivid facial expressions that O.J. Simpson displayed during his recent hearing in Las Vegas on robbery and related charges. Moos even recruited the services of a body language expert to interpret O.J.'s moves.

When, suddenly, Al was drawn into the mix. CNN rolled images of Gore grimacing his way through his 2000 debate against George W. Bush.

JEANNE MOOS: Remember how Al Gore got panned for sighing over George Bush's debate performace? O.J. makes Al Gore look like an amateur.

Losing out on the sighing Oscar to the likes of O.J. Simpson? At the hands of good old CNN no less? Where might Al fly off in his Gulfstream to escape the ignominy?