Liberal Activist Goes Cuckoo on Carlson: 'You Preppy Punk!'

July 12th, 2007 7:37 AM

There's surely some deeper lesson to be drawn from the tantrum liberal activist Michael Rectenwald threw on yesterday's "Tucker." But in the meantime, for sheer entertainment value it's hard to beat Rectenwald's display of purple-faced apoplexy.

Rectenwald is the man behind the left-wing "Citizens for Legitimate Government," whose mission, according to its website, is "Exposing the Coup" and "Ending the Occupation." Its current pastime is exposing the names of people, including Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), on the DC Madam's client list.

Tucker brought him onto his MSNBC show to discuss "whether the sex lives of elected officials should be dissected, judged and discussed in the first place."

Here's the video, from the MSNBC site. The fireworks begin about 2:30 in, after the libertarian-leaning Carlson tells Rectenwald he ought to be ashamed of himself. Excerpts from Rectenwald's rant:

You are despicable . . . you're an unapologetic Republican partisan . . . you only turned against Bush when everything went down the toilet . . . you're a preppy punk, parading your bow-tie . . . once you got done destroying our candidates, you wanted [politicians' sex lives] to be off limits . . . you are nothing . . . you worked for the National Review!

Tucker pointed out, for the record, that he never worked for the great Bill Buckley's mag. But words don't do justice. Please -- treat yourself. Save the $8 you'd spend to see the new Bruce Willis flick and view here the video of Rectenwald revealing the face of the Angry Left.

UPDATE: It's Official -- Rectenwald is Cuckoo

Speaking of "partisan," as Rectenwald accused Tucker of being, check out Rectenwald's 10-Point Plan for Rebuilding the United States after Bush's Destruction [emphasis added]. H/t FReeper drpix.

1. Tell the people that George Bush and his friends are killers, liars, and thieves and that not only shouldn't they listen to him and them, but that they all belong in jail.

2. Get George and his friends out of the way -impeach, or if no time, wait till election-then put them in prison where they belong. No more reason to be afraid of what they say, calling opposition 'cut-and-run' Democrats. Let them say it from prison and see if they can 'cut-and-run' from behind bars.

3. Get the people he deployed to the disaster out of the disaster.

4. Rebuild the US first. Rebuild the schools, roads, infrastructure, housing, education system, medical insurance and other needs neglected by the Republicans over the last eight years, as they went on their killing spree and spent all of our money.

5. After cooling the Republicans by arresting most of them and shutting their stupid mouths forever, start working on reversing Global Warming.

6. Revoke all the tax cuts made by the criminal Bush clan.

7. Remove all the "Justices" put in place by the Bush clan, including on the Supreme Court.

8. Abolish all the bullshit programs put in place by Bush clan, including Medicaid "reform" and the provisions attached to the 'no-child-left-behind' scam. Surely Bush was left behind.

9. Consider the possibility that the Republican ideology contravenes the Constitution because its policies and beliefs endanger the well-being of the people. Consider making the Republican Party illegal.

10. Start a party that opposes the Democratic Party from the left of the Democratic Party and makes the Republican Party a detestable relic of the past akin to the slave-holding Confederates.

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