Julia Roberts: A Spider Is 'A Person' - So How About Human Babies? [Video]

December 13th, 2006 1:09 PM

Julia Roberts to Diane Sawyer on why she avoids killing spiders:

"You think, that’s a person, or somebody’s Mom or somebody’s best pal.” Good Morning America, 12-13-06

I trace the beginning of my evolution from pro-choice to pro-life to a comment I heard on the radio a decade or so ago. It might have been Rush Limbaugh who made the point that many of the people moved to tears at the thought of the killing of baby seals are the same ones who "celebrate" a woman's right to have an abortion.

Something clicked. What kind of moral compass is that?

I think back to that moment when I hear pro-choice advocates such as Julia Roberts express their tender concerns for various members of the animal kingdom. A good example came on this morning's Good Morning America. Diane Sawyer interviewed Roberts regarding her role in the movie version of Charlotte's Web, in which Roberts provides the voice of the eponymous spider. Sawyer asked Roberts whether as a result of being in the movie she now likes spiders:

Roberts: "I kill them less now."

Sawyer: "Because of the solidarity?"


"It kind of is. You think, that’s a person, or somebody’s Mom or somebody’s best pal.”

So how about it, Julia? When you consider an unborn baby, do you think "that's a person," too, or is a baby less human to you than a spider? If you spare the spider's life, how about the baby's? Why shouldn't babies have the same right as spiders to be somebody's Mom or best pal?

Big H/T to Rich Noyes and MRC for firming up the transcript of Roberts' remarks.

View video and ABC transcript of Roberts 'it's a person' remarks here.

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