Iraq Diary: Election Day Messages to The Troops

November 7th, 2006 12:11 PM

As some of our readers know, I'm heading off to Iraq, where I'll be reporting for CNS, the news agency of MRC.

Our focus at NB is of course exposing liberal media bias, and to the extent I have a chance to "cover the coverage" I'll certainly be blogging on that.   At the same time, I'm thinking that our NB readers might enjoy experiencing more generally some sights, sounds and impressions from the trip.  So, with the indulgence of my editors, I'll maintain an 'Iraq Diary' here with written reports, photos and even some video clips - internet connections permitting.

Here's the schedule, which is of course subject to change:

November 8th - travel commercial from Ithaca to Charleston, SC
November 9th - fly from Charleston AFB to naval base in Rota, Spain, near Gibraltar
Nov. 10th - arrive Rota
Nov. 11 - depart Rota, arrive Balad, Iraq.
Nov. 11-13 - International [Green] Zone.  Visits with Gulf Reconstruction Divsion of Army Corps of Engineers and military hospital featured in HBO documentary 'Baghdad ER.'
Nov. 13th-20th - With Marines in Fallujah.
Nov. 21st-23rd - heading home
Nov. 23rd [Thanskgiving] - arrive base Dover, DE

As a little "coming attraction" you'll find here a video clip from the traditional Election Day Pancake Breakfast that our Ithaca-area Rotary Club organizes every year.  I invited everyone I interviewed to pass along their message to our troops.  This was a very politically diverse crowd, but even those opposing the war went out of their way to thank the troops and express their hopes for their safety. 

I spoke with many people, but am including three segments here: a fire/EMS worker [pictured here], a former city council member, and - to give an insight into life in our fair liberal haven of Ithaca - a leading local left-wing activist.

Hoping to be in touch here with our NB readers as often as possible over the next couple weeks, and to report to you as well as I can the reality of Iraq and of our people serving there.

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