UNC-Charlotte Student Government Considering "Colbert Complex"

February 16th, 2007 12:15 AM

The University of North Carolina-Charlotte campus newspaper, Niner Online, reports that the Student Government Association is calling to rename the UNCC SGA complex, the "Colbert Complex" after the host of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report or as the SGA bill calls him, "the pillar of truth." SGA’s act explains why they think Colbert is important and why anything should be named after him:

Recognizing Stephen Colbert as a pillar of truth in a world of wavering opinions and television personalities, further recognizing Stephen Colbert's noble cause to educate and inform young people of current events and topical political themes…declares all rooms within Cone 369 (SGA Complex) to be officially named 'The Colbert Complex' on behalf of the Student Government Association to honor Stephen Colbert and spread the message of truth across the campus of UNC Charlotte.

Some of the SGA officers say they want to honor someone who “has such a huge influence” on how they govern. President ProTemp Justin Ritchie stated:

It would be a nice thing to do, since [Colbert] has such a huge influence on how we do government… We need to energize students, and since everything elsee around here is named after someone, why not name ours after Colbert? (emphasis added)

The SGA officers want to honor someone “who is out there to teach young people about public service,” while what he really teaches them is that Republicans and conservatives are stupid, dishonest, uninformed, hypocritical religious zealots. That’s his “truthiness.”

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