Editor’s Pick: RedState on CNN’s Cillizza Mocked for COVID Realization

January 6th, 2022 9:53 AM

On Wednesday, RedState’s Nick Arama reported on CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza “having some revelations of late when it comes to COVID.” In particular, the cable news pundit “invited a ton of new mocking with his latest realization thread on Twitter — sharing that he realized that people had been afraid of admitting they had COVID out of fear of being shamed earlier but that, suddenly, that had changed.”

The article highlighted some of Cillizza’s social media epiphanies: “I do think societally we unknowingly turned having Covid into some sort of judgment on your character....Not being a good member of society....We need to recognize that getting Covid isn’t a moral failing!” Arama concluded: “Okay, let’s back up here. ‘Unknowingly?’ No, it was very knowingly. This is a CNN editor — the very network that has been demonizing people with COVID — and just had a guest on demonizing the unvaccinated.”

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