WATCH Nets Perfectly Recite Biden Campaign Attacks on RNC

August 25th, 2020 3:37 PM

It’s really amazing how often so-called “news” reports sound identical to press releases from the Democratic Party. On Tuesday, network morning show coverage of the first night of the Republican National Convention was quite literally composed of Biden campaign talking points smearing the event. Reporters on ABC and CBS even brazenly announced that fact to viewers.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, correspondent Mary Bruce channeled the Biden-Harris ticket by wailing: “Well, Republicans here tried to make good on the President’s promise of positive programming but that upbeat message was undercut at every turn by dark appeals to the base and apocalyptic predictions of what could come if Trump is not re-elected.”

The hysteria continued later in the segment as she proclaimed: “The positive messaging all but disappearing, replaced with dire warnings of a bleak future.”



Over on NBC’s Today show, correspondent Peter Alexander delivered nearly identical lines: “Heading into this convention, the President and his allies promised four days of hope and optimism. But many of those speakers on night one painted a grim picture of the country if Donald Trump loses and warned that Joe Biden is, in effect, an existential threat.”

He went on to obnoxiously decry the RNC: “The opening night of the Republican convention, where the message was part praise....and part end of days....With a line up of speakers, many delivering an apocalyptic portrait of America if Joe Biden wins the election.”

Following the nasty segment, co-host Savannah Guthrie grilled South Carolina Senator Tim Scott on whether RNC “rhetoric” needed to be “ratcheted down.”

“The convention promised an optimistic and uplifting message, but it did not always sound that way,” correspondent Ben Tracy lamented on CBS This Morning. Moments later, during a hostile exchange with former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, co-host Anthony Mason echoed the attack:

As Ben Tracy reported, the Republican Party said going in that this was going to be an optimistic convention, but a lot of people saw a very dark picture painted last night about the Democrats, that there were going to be vengeful mobs storming the suburbs. That doesn’t sound very optimistic.

Now compare all that language to the talking points put out by the Biden campaign:

If you tuned into the Republican convention tonight looking for some indication from President Trump that he has a strategy to contain the coronavirus, you’re still waiting. Instead, what you heard tonight was a parade of dark and divisive fear-mongering designed to distract from the fact that Donald Trump does not have an affirmative case to make to the American people about why he should be re-elected.

While wrapping up her report trashing the RNC, ABC’s Bruce even revealed where she got her script from: “Now, the Biden campaign responding, taking aim at the tone of the night, saying, quote, ‘It was a parade of dark and divisive fear-mongering designed to distract from the fact that Donald Trump does not have an affirmative case to make for his re-election.’”



CBS’s Tracy similarly concluded his hit piece by noting: “As for the Biden campaign, it did release a statement calling the first night of the RNC ‘dark and divisive fear-mongering with no plan for combating coronavirus.’”

The press are such steadfast Biden backers that they have no qualms serving as ventriloquist dummies for the Democratic nominee. At least the ABC and CBS reporters were honest about who was putting words in their mouths, NBC’s Alexander pretended like he came up with the insults all by himself.   

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