Buttering Up Biden: How ‘The View’ Spent 2020, Shilling for Joe Biden

December 29th, 2020 10:28 AM

Even before he was the official Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden’s friends at The View regularly and religiously propped up his campaign this year. Whether it was parroting the Democrat’s overt lies or even touting his wife’s so-called medical qualifications, the candidate could always count on the talk show hosts to volunteer as his PR team. 

Here's the year's worst examples of the sycophantic hosts defending and protecting the Democrat:

‘How hurtful have these attacks been on Hunter for you?’

In February, the hosts were already working overtime to protect the Biden campaign from his family’s scandals:

JOY BEHAR to JOE BIDEN: People wanted to see you really get mad when people started lying about Hunter and saying things about Hunter. I don't know that you got mad enough.


SUNNY HOSTIN to JILL BIDEN: As a mother, how hurtful have these attacks been on Hunter for you?


HOSTIN: Has he [Hunter] been able to weather this?


How Will ‘Our Beloved’ Joe Stop ‘Disgusting’ Trump From Stealing Election…. ‘Heal Our Country?’

After being invited back just a few weeks later for another adoring, softball interview, his wife Jill was invited on once again in June to promote her husband’s campaign and her new children's book. At this point the hosts were even more desperate:

JOY BEHAR: His supporters will show up at the polls no matter what disease they're going to get. He has other tricks up his sleeve, potential help from Putin. Maybe a little smattering of voter suppression. Now your husband, our beloved Joe Biden, he said his biggest fear is that Trump would find a way to steal the election. I'm afraid of that also. I'm very scared. Tell me what Joe and the Democrats are going to do about that. We don’t have that much time left!


SUNNY HOSTIN: How does Joe Biden plan to heal our country?”


MEGHAN MCCAIN: President Trump is disgusting...I don’t want to repeat [the names he’s called your husband] because it’s so gross.


‘Inappropriate’ and ‘Crass’ to Question Biden’s Mental Fitness!

Sunny Hostin on September 11, 2020: Well, you know, I'm not a physician, and so I think it's inappropriate to opine about [Biden’s] mental fitness. It almost feels crass to me.

Sunny Hostin on December 18, 2019: I started thinking about the 25th Amendment if I'm honest. I started thinking about his [Trump’s] fitness to lead the country because it sounded -- it sounded like the rantings of someone that was unstable.


Comforting Jill Over 'Disrespectful' 'Personal Attacks' Against Hunter

SUNNY HOSTIN: Dr. Biden, your husband showed remarkable restraint that night when Trump repeatedly attacked your son and disrespected your family, and I've spent a little bit of time with you, and I know how important your family is to you and I know how protective you are over them. Now he continued those attacks at rallies, encouraging the crowd to lock Joe up, and on Monday, he claimed that there's some sort of story on the way about a scandal involving your family that will, quote, make him almost an impotent candidate. How do you feel about these constant personal attacks, and how do you respond to them? 

-The View, October 21, 2020 


‘View’ Laughs Off Biden Aide’s Not Bad, ‘Very Nice’ Profanity Attacking GOP

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: ….I thought they were not -- over the last four years everything we've heard, I didn't think her comments were bad at all. 

...I've heard people called so many things over the last four years I've heard Democrats called -- some really kind of horrifying things that, you know, I don't recall going back and forth before, the really nasty thing for me is that they sit there and they pretend like they're so hurt by this…. I think she's been very nice about it but let's not forget what the Republicans allowed to have happen here.

-The View, December 17, 2020


Trump’s ‘Encouraging Violence;’ We’ll Be 'Safer' With Biden in Charge!

SUNNY HOSTIN: We know that Trump is encouraging violence in America to just distract from his failures, right?....I think very well that suburban moms know if they want their sons to be safe from violent militias and their parents to be safe from the coronavirus, and they want schools to be opened safely, they got to get rid of Trump. There's a Fox News poll actually that in Wisconsin by 5 percentage points those very same people in Wisconsin believe Biden is safer for America. CNN poll, same thing, 5 percentage points, Biden is safer for America. So those suburban moms that Trump is really trying to play for in those swing states, they know Trump is the more dangerous candidate in America for their children, for their parents, for everyone. 

The View, September 8, 2020.

And of course, the best for last:

'Hell of a Doctor' Jill Biden for ‘Surgeon General’

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I'm hoping Dr. Jill becomes the Surgeon General. Joe Biden's wife. She would never do it but, yeah, she's a hell of a doctor. She's an amazing doctor.

-The View, March 4, 2020