Trevor Noah Frets to Susan Rice: Aren't We 'Less Like a Free Country, More Like Authoritarian Regime' Under Trump?

July 21st, 2020 1:12 PM

Another media interview with a Democrat turned into a Biden puff piece on Monday night. Former UN ambassador and Obama National Security Advisor, Susan Rice gave her best performance auditioning to be Biden’s Vice President pick, thanks to help from Daily Show host Trevor Noah. After hyping her chances to be on the Democrat ticket, Noah ended the interview agreeing with his guest that we needed change.

The late-night host and Democrat sycophant, started the interview by throwing softballs, inviting the Obama alumnus to attack Trump as a poor leader on the coronavirus. Reminder, this is the same man who pathetically praised New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his coronavirus leadership:

...What plans did you have in place that the Trump administration did or didn't use, or what should have been done, as somebody who was on a task force designed just to do this?

...Seems like America is one of the few countries where the country doesn't have a rule about wearing masks...Do you think the federal government should have more of a global message in and around masks? 

From there, Noah moved on to goad Rice to smear Trump as squashing Americans’ freedoms and leading an “authoritarian regime” in Portland. Rice was eager to bash Trump “rounding up people” and “inciting violence.” Of course, Noah and Rice wouldn’t mention the violence committed by these left-wing rioters, that included trying to kill federal officers:

TREVOR NOAH: How do you view the situation in Portland right now because that has thrown many Americans off kilter, you know. Federal officers coming in in unmarked cars, in unmarked uniforms, grabbing people off the streets, throwing them into vans, apprehending them, people feeling like it feels less like a free country and more like an authoritarian regime, you know, for some of the people who are on the ground there. When you look at what's happening, there's always a balance between federal response and letting the states handle it or the cities themselves. But how do you view what's happening in Portland right now? Do you think it's a required use of force or federal assistance, or do you think that something has gone off the rails? 

SUSAN RICE: No, it's an abuse of power by President Trump, and it's a purely politically motivated abuse of power. He's sagging in the polls. He thinks the only way to rally his base is through racism and touting law and order. He is sending federal forces out on the streets without markings, without insignia, probably without legal authority to do so, and he's rounding up people as if we were, you know, in Belarus or something. It's ridiculous. It has nothing to do with their stated mandate of protecting federal buildings and installations. They are now out literally beating the crap out of peaceful protesters and trying to incite more violence so that they have an excuse to use more force. But here he's now pushing the envelope in Portland and threatening to do it elsewhere, and I think Americans need to be on high alert. This is an abuse of power, it's corruption, it's autocracy on our own shores. 

Just like the networks, Noah is helping Joe Biden by fearmongering about the Trump administration and downplaying the violence of left-wing BLM and Antifa protesters that has put the city in turmoil for nearly 2 months now. The news media also spent nearly 50 days ignoring this violence in Portland. However once it became convenient to use these riots to attack Trump, the networks pounced, playing dumb about why the federal officers were there to begin with.

Noah pivoted from there to gush about Rice as a VP hopeful.  “There's no denying your name has come up repeatedly in and around the conversation of Vice President. Would you want to serve in the Biden administration? Would you want to serve as a V.P.?” he asked.

Rice, of course, endorsed Biden and argued she would do everything she could to help:

I will do everything I can regardless, because of all that we've just talked about. So much is at stake. We have got to move this country in a different and better direction. And, so, I'll do anything I can, whether it's the modern-day equivalent of licking envelopes or, you know, standing by his side. 

Noah agreed. “Well as you say, I hope America gets back on track, I hope people find a way to depoliticize those little pieces of cotton and, hopefully, your words will become prescient when we chat again in a few months.”

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