Media Misleads About 'Peaceful' BLM Mob Harassing Armed St. Louis Couple

June 29th, 2020 3:50 PM

After a Black Lives Matter mob entered a gated community and shouted threats on their way to the home of St. Louis’s Democrat mayor Sunday, a couple who brandished firearms while protecting their home has been targeted by the media as the real villains of the story. On Twitter, major media outlets omitted important details, giving a pass to the "peaceful" left-wing protesters and describing the couple with racially-charged sensational headlines. 

Here’s a sampling of the kind of misleading headlines tweeted out by media outlets and some journalists:

Except that’s not exactly the whole picture. Livestream video shows this large group of shouting protesters were not just passing by the couple’s home on a public street as the media claims. They actually broke into a gated community, trespassed on private property while shouting threats such as, “Whose streets? Our streets!” Other videos which Twitter has now removed, allegedly showed demonstrators shouting out violent threats to the homeowner and cops. The man in the video confirmed in an interview that the mob had descended onto his property and was threatening to kill his family and burn down his home, when he and his wife decided to come out armed and tell them to leave.

It’s further proof that no matter how bad these “protests” get, the media will always describe left-wing protests as “peaceful,” even if they're lighting businesses on fire behind you