Joy Behar Spooked by Trump Winning 2020: You'll 'Lose Your Rights, Clean Air, Water, Health Care!'

March 3rd, 2020 1:35 PM

The hosts of The View continued campaigning for Joe Biden on Tuesday’s show, while worrying that a candidate like Bernie Sanders becoming the nominee could sink the Democrats’ chances of winning back the White House. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg grumbled that she wanted the swamp and bureaucratic institutions “back” in Washington, and her fellow co-host Joy Behar went apocalyptic, claiming that Americans didn’t have “clean air or water” with President Trump in office.

It began with Behar panicking about the “dire situation” Americans faced with Trump “taking away their rights and health care”:

We are in a dire situation with Trump in the White House. The stakes are extremely high. People will lose their health care, they'll lose their rights. They're going to lose their safety net if he wins again. I wonder if Americans are aware of this, including Trump supporters who will lose their health care, that Republicans are working to undo Obamacare every day. And this is what you have to look forward to if Trump is back in the White House. Who needs him there? Get him out!

That line was met with applause, as Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin started hyping Biden’s chances of appealing to never Trump Republicans and independent voters.

Whoopi, meanwhile worried that the country was “burning to the ground” with Trump and she wanted Biden to “have his moment” and put “back” “diplomats doing the diplomacy” and government agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency:

I do want it to be his [Biden’s] moment because what I want back, what I'm anticipating getting back, is diplomats going out and doing the diplomacy. Yeah, you know, I want the EPA back. I want the CDC back. I want people back in place where they're supposed to be. Now there's a lot of things you can change in this country, and we will, but I don't need to try to figure out what you're talking about while this is still burning to the ground.

Whoopi continued raving about how much she "needed" the EPA:

“I need somebody who can say, here's how we put back the EPA. He's how we put this back because those are things I actually need. Those are things we need in the country,” she ranted.

This prompted Joy Behar to add her own hyperbole that Trump was making the US into a third world country:

“[Things we need] Like oxygen, air. And clean water!” she gushed to audience applause.

Behar has spread her bizarre doomsday predictions on the show before. Last September, she warned Democrats that Republicans wanted to kill their children.

But Whoopi wasn’t done writing love notes to the EPA. She lamented the “chaos” in Washington, saying she didn’t need Bernie to bring more chaos. The View host gushed how she wanted to be able to believe in an administration and government agencies again:

“There's nothing wrong with change. But I don't want change on top of chaos, and we've got chaos at the moment. I just -- I want to have faith in the EPA. I want to have faith in the CDC. I don't want to think everyone is lying to me all the time,” she whined.