Wolf Blitzer Lectures Republican, US Must ‘Help’ House Thousands of Illegal Immigrant Kids

June 6th, 2019 8:50 AM

Wolf Blitzer and his CNN colleagues won’t acknowledge there’s an actual crisis at the southern border, but still insists it’s the United States’ responsibility to take in illegal immigrants. On his show The Situation Room Wednesday evening, Blitzer had on Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger to discuss immigration and the tariffs on Mexico. He even snuck in a snarky question about President Trump dodging the draft to the representative, who also serves in the Air Force.

After repeatedly tried to get the Republican to bash President Trump for suggesting the tariffs against Mexico, he moved on to talk about the influx of children. Blitzer fretted that the Trump administration was scaling back at providing “activities” for kids that are apprehended at the border, dramatically calling it “heart-wrenching:”

Congressman, according to the Border and Customs Protection service, 133,000 crossed the border last month including 11,000 unaccompanied children. Now the Department of the Health and Human Services is actually scaling back services to children,due to this influx, in some cases canceling these activities all together. What needs to happen to address this? Because this is a heart wrenching situation.

Blitzer again pressed the Republican that it was the United States’ duty to take in and care for these kids who came here illegally. He urged, “But Congressman, you and I know this is a great country and we have the capability to help 11,000 kids that are unaccompanied and make sure they’re safe and secure.”

The CNN anchor offered no solution as to how “we” would house thousands of children from a foreign country. While sympathetic, Kinzinger pointed out the many problems from trafficking to catch and release. He shut down Blitzer’s implication that Americans should be forced to take in illegal aliens, while noting that past proposals to house these minors at military bases were met with their own controversy.

After this, Blitzer snuck in another dig at Trump, pointing out his lack of military service:

As we commemorate D-Day, President Trump as you know never served in the U.S. Military but he says he's making up for that by rebuilding the U.S. Military right now. You're a veteran. You're in the international Guard. You served active duty just last week down in Texas. What do you make of that point that the President is making?

Kinzinger argued that the increased funding for the military has brought back “morale.” He concluded by urging Blitzer to stop politicizing D-Day, saying that it's important "to try to remember what it used to be like when we put politics just inside the water and not outside of the water's edge and see if we can restore some of that" and "just appreciate what we have done for the world and people to live here."