How Rich: Dan Rather Lectures on 'Humility,' 'Introspection' After George H.W. Bush Death

December 6th, 2018 11:15 AM

Dan Rather, the longtime CBS anchor keeps showing he has no self-awareness, whatsoever. The veteran, disgraced journalist took to Twitter during George H.W. Bush’s funeral Wednesday to offer his thoughts, dripping with condescension for our current president, and completely obtuse in light of his own behavior towards both Bushes when they were in office.

On Twitter, Rather lectured Americans from his own perceived moral high ground that H.W.’s passing was a time for “national reckoning,” for the country, to rise up against President Trump, or “shake our republic,” as he put it:

Rather’s hardly-veiled insult directed at Trump is particularly rich, given Rather’s own lack of humility or self-reflection on the scandal that ousted him from his cushy job at CBS News. To this day, he still adamantly defends his despicable behavior as the partisan hack who ran a hit piece based using fake documents to smear then-president George W. Bush in 2004. Now he’s using his pulpit to lecture our sitting president. Where’s that introspection and humility again?

What makes Rather stepping in to comment on the older Bush’s death even worse is that ugly interview he had with Bush when he was vice president in 1988. Rather attempted to ambush him and actually screamed at him, in an embarrassing display of unprofessionalism, disrespect, and partisanship.

Still, Rather hopes most have forgotten about this incident, writing a smarmy post on Facebook December 2, eulogizing the former president, as if he had shown him any sort of respect before.