Twelve Tweets of Liberal Journalists Celebrating Scalia's Death

February 15th, 2016 12:58 PM

The news of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death this past Saturday shocked the country. A Reagan appointee, Scalia was also Catholic, socially conservative, and brilliant; a combination that made him the left’s most-hated member of the Supreme Court. While his passing was respectfully treated by many in the media, there were still many far-left journalists who refused to show the late Justice respect, even in death. These tweets below confirm some of these writers open contempt and bias towards the Supreme Court’s leading conservative voice.


1. David Ehrlich, Rolling Stone: “How long do we have to wait till we can openly not be sad about it?”

Ehrlich, staff writer for Rolling Stone, couldn’t contain his open glee for Scalia’s passing, even mocking his pro-life views.

2. Ehrlich: “Hold your Fetus Poster at Half-Mast” outside of Planned Parenthood for Scalia

3. Silvia Killingsworth, The New Yorker: Scalia’s in Hell

Silvia Killingsworth, Managing Editor for The New Yorker actually joked that Scalia was in Hell, and mocked how he died.

4. Killingsworth: How “American” for Scalia to die at a ranch in Texas!

5. Feminist politics writer for Salon, Amanda Marcotte: “God approves of abortion.”

6. Marcotte then wondered, was it fate?

7Tomas Rios, Vocativ: “Scalia was a monster”

Vocativ’s Senior Sports Editor, Tomas Rios, formerly with Vice News, wrote that his position as a journalist wouldn’t stop him from openly scorning the late Supreme Court Justice:

8. Dave Zirin, The Nation: “Ugly Truths” in Scalia’s Legacy, like Reagan:

Dave Zirin, Sports Editor for the Nation and frequent MSNBC guest managed to slam both Scalia and Reagan in one punch:

9. Zirin also played the “pity Scalia’s victims” card:

10. Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept: “Don’t even try” to keep me from criticizing “highly polarizing” Scalia:

The radical left-wing journalist tweeted that he doesn’t think the “don’t speak ill of the dead” rule applies to Scalia.

 11. Gabriel Arana, Huffington Post: Scalia’s no “saint”:

Senior editor for HuffPo, Gabriel Arana echoed Greenwald’s sentiment, linking to an article Greenwald wrote after Margaret Thatcher’s death, essentially bashing both Thatcher and Scalia as undeserving of respect:

....and what hate-tweet roundup would be complete without some disgusting commentary from the media’s favorite sex columnist, Dan Savage?

12. Sex columnist Dan Savage