Networks OMIT Removal of Secret Service Agent From VP Harris’s Detail

April 26th, 2024 12:28 AM

Yet another major scandal is swirling around the Secret Service. This time, a member of Vice President Kamala Harris’ protective detail was removed due to an incident including what appears to be an apparently violent mental health episode. But none of the evening network newscasts picked the story up.

Per CBS News:

Washington — A U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris exhibited "distressing behavior" Monday morning at Joint Base Andrews and was hospitalized, authorities said. Harris was not present at the airbase at the time.

In a statement provided to CBS News, the U.S. Secret Service said that at about 9 a.m. local time Monday, the agent "began displaying behavior their colleagues found distressing. The agent was removed from their assignment while medical personnel were summoned."

Two sources briefed on the situation told CBS News the agent spouted gibberish, was speaking incoherently and provoked another officer physically.

According to sources, the agent in question pushed the special agent in charge while they were near the lounge of Joint Base Andrews.

Harris was at the Naval Observatory at the time, USSS said, and the incident had "no impact on her departure from Joint Base Andrews." Sources said it occurred about one hour before Harris arrived at the airbase for a flight to Wisconsin.

The Secret Service has not been without problems, going back to the Obama years and the scandal involving agents carousing with prostitutes in Colombia. Since then, agents have been successful in avoiding overseas prostitutes. Unfortunately, they’ve been unsuccessful in avoiding President Biden’s dogs and their teeth

This more recent scandal involving the meltdown of an agent on the Vice President’s detail goes beyond the facts of what happened on Monday at Joint Base Andrews. Per Real Clear Politics:

An incident involving a physical attack by a female Secret Service agent tasked with protecting Vice President Kamala Harris is raising questions about whether the agency had thoroughly vetted her during her hiring and whether an ongoing push to increase the numbers of women in the service and boost overall workforce staff played a role in her selection.  

It appears that the Secret Service signed on to an initiative to ensure that the agency is no less than 30% female. There are now very serious questions over whether this particular agent, a former law enforcement officer with a very questionable shooting on her record, should’ve even been in the Secret Service to begin with. 

This isn’t just a scandal about a Secret Service agent having a meltdown but is now about DEI, and whether self-imposed diversity mandates at the Secret Service could have potentially placed the Vice President’s life at risk.

And that’s the reason why this story, so far, has gone entirely unreported on the major evening network newscasts. But we'll be watching.